13 Signs Your Clairvoyant

Being clairvoyant means that you receive intuitive information like images, symbols and mini movies in your head. They typically come from your higher self and spirit guides. This is one of the four psychic abilities known as the “clairs” which also include clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Clairvoyance is one of the 4 major psychic abilities and it is the most known. It is often portrayed in movies like having a vision that the killer drives a red SUV of sorts. This is a little over the top, but clairvoyance can be pretty strong if you work to develop it.

13 Signs your Clairvoyant:

  1. Images, sparkly lights, or colors flash before your eyes. Like blobs of color (orbs), glittering lights, movement or twinkling lights in the corner of your eye.
  2. You’re a vivid dreamer and you easily daydream
  3. You see auras (glowing light around people)
  4. You have a very vivid imagination
  5. You see waves o thicker air in a dark room
  6. You notice orbs and smoke in photographs
  7. You like beautiful things
  8. You had an imaginary friend
  9. You like to do things visually- imagining how things should work out in your mind before you       do them.
  10. You learn by watching.
  11. You like visually – spatial tasks like completing mazes or map reading (sorry GPS)
  12. Whisps of smoke, figures, or apparitions have appeared to you while your awake
  13. You could imagine a spirit guide in your mind easily
Crystals to Help Develop Clairvoyance:
Amethyst: assists in developing intuition, psychic gifts, and wisdom
Labradorite: enhances intuitive wisdom, channeling, clairvoyance, and visualizing
Aquamarine: calms the mind, increase clairvoyance, and strengthens communication with your higher self and guides
Opal: enhances awareness and psychic visions
Celestite: increases communications with angels
Fluorite: heightens intuitive gifts, activates clairvoyance, protects energy
Moonstone: Connecting to the higher power of the moon
How to Enhance Your Clairvoyance:


When you mediate, you open yourself up to your higher self and to other energies. Being in a relaxed state allows  messages to come through.

Communicate and visualize your spirit guides

Communicating with your spirit guides and actively trying to visualize them will help you develop your visualization practice which can make the images that you receive more in depth and clear.

Open Third Eye Chakra

Opening your Third Eye Chakra helps allow the flow of information. When your chakra is blocked, not much can get through, so you may have fewer messages.

Work with symbols

Learning to recognize symbols and patterns can help with communication in the messages because you and your guides will be able to understand each other better.  The more symbols that you are able to know and recognize, the more likely you are to determine the most accurate interpretation of your vision.


Working with tarot is like working with symbols because you are using imagery to gain knowledge and advice. The symbols and colors all have meaning in tarot readings and these can relate back to messages that you receive. You may just receive a flash of color, or a symbol, but you might now know what it means.
Using tarot can also help you develop your intuition.





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