18 Signs Your Clairsentient

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Clairsentience is the psychic expression of clear feeling. This can mean that you sense things about other people, or that you can sense spirits. These types of people are typically on this plane to help heal wounds and awaken their true self. They may be mistaken for an empath. Empathy is taking on someone’s emotions as your own, whereas clairsentience encompasses more than just people.

18 Signs your clairsentient:

  1. You feel heaviness when you walk into a room
  2. You randomly get goosebumps or chills
  3. You notice sudden temperature changes with no apparent cause
  4. You sense when something is off with people
  5. You feel sudden energy, anxiety, or adrenaline
  6. You feel tingling or pressure around the top of your head
  7. Sudden changes in moods or emotions that don’t make sense
  8. You feel people walking behind you when you’re alone (more than paranoia)
  9. You feel others, people or animals, with you when you’re alone
  10. You feel like you’re in a crowded room sometimes, even when you’re alone
  11. You feel something or someone touch or brush up against you with no explanation
  12. You often feel like you’ve walked through a spider web
  13. You feel drained after being in a large group
  14. Emotional movies and the News leaves you in tears
  15. People say you’re too sensitive
  16. You can’t shop at Thrift stores
  17. You can bond with people at a deeper level due to your sensitive energy
  18. You often feel overwhelmed, dizzy, lightheaded or drained due to a lot of energy entering into you when you open yourself up.

 Clairsentience is one of the four types of psychic abilities known as the “clairs”. The others are clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. 

How to Enhance Clairsentience

Focus on your environment-
Clear your space, create your own space where things are and stay exactly how you want them. This will give you some peace when you need it.  You could even use all natural products throughout your home to help make you feel more connected with nature and grounded. you could even use sage to clear your space or your entire house periodically.
Find pictures of people and focus on them
See what you feel about old pictures before reading about them. were the people happy? sad? anxious? what was going on with those people at the time that the picture was taken.
You can do this with pictures online, or even better, use pictures from friends who know about the picture itself.
Psychometry or Sensing energy from objects
Using objects that aren’t yours, hold them in your hands and try to sense the energy from them. Is is positive? Negative? then try to sense the energy of the owner. this is why it is hard for people with clairsentience to shop at thrift stores. They feel the energies of the people who wore/used the items last.
Balance your Chakras
Feeling your energy flow through your body unblocked is wonderful. You feel lighter and it also raises your vibration.  You no longer feel heavy and just blah..
Check out my Pinterest board on Chakras to get some ideas on how to balance your chakras.
When you sit down and relax, set your intention to increase your clairsentience and receive messages. then just be for a while. Don’t focus on the thoughts that pop into your mind. acknowledge them and move on.. don’t focus on any one thing.
Blue Tourmaline
Clear Topaz
Black obsidian







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