Intuitive tarot reading means that you connect with the energy of the deck and use your intuition and the symbols in the cards to create a meaningful definition for the card. This card meaning can change in each reading because the question is different and your intuition is guiding you different answers.

Every tarot deck has a different energy about it. This energy is what our intuition connects with when we do a tarot reading. It’s why some decks are better for certain questions than others and why we all have favorite decks.

The energy that we connect with in the deck allows us to really feel that connection during a reading and the imagery leads us in certain directions for the meanings.

If you’re anything like me, you got bit by the “collect them all” bug when you started reading tarot. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.. but my bank account doesn’t always approve of my collection. 😊

When I want to do a personal reading these are the decks that I chose to go with because of the connection that I have with them and the imagery on the card. This may or may not be different for you due to personal preferences, personal meanings of symbolism and intuition.

Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star from Shadowscapes Tarot

This deck is my all time favorite. Not only because it was the first Rider Waite clone that I purchased, but because of the colors. The colors and the imagery give me a calm collected feeling when I connect with the deck.

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Wildwood Tarot

10 of Vessels from

This deck really speaks to me on a ancient level. I feel such a deep connection to the earth and nature when I use this deck. I feel like it gets in touch with my old soul and really brings out the things that are deep inside that I may or may not realize consciously. I also like to use this card for mediation because the cards’ meanings can be so deep and creating a personal meaning and story with he cards is very easy.

The Starchild Tarot

This deck really speaks to me on more of an astral level. I don’t know if that makes sense to you or not, but the imagery in the cards. I feel like I am being connected to the Universe on a level that I can’t quite begin to describe. I also love the the imagery allows you to really “get into” the cards and feel the meanings.

Image From

The Moonchild Tarot

This deck is to me, all about connecting to my past. Not my inner animal self like the Wildwood Tarot, but something further back, something not in this Universe. I feel like I am connecting to an older world where things were different.

Image From

Both the Starchild and the Moonchild Tarot decks are great for Starseeds who want to connect with their oldest selves and figure out why they’re here.

Chakra Wisdom Tarot

This deck is really about story telling. The stories in each of the cards can lead you down a different path depending on your query topic. This deck really hits you in the feels when you are reading, which allows you to get that deep connection to your feelings and express what you are feeling around each card. This is another great deck that is great for meditation because of the deep imagery on the card and how you can really “get into” the scene on the card to get the most you can out of it.

Most of these decks have a focus on using your intuition to read the cards which is how I believe that you can get the most effective reading when you are reading for yourself.

Sometimes, you will end up putting in what you want, but the more time that you spend with the cards, the more that you will realize when you are seeing what you want to see and how that differs from what the card may actually represent in it’s location in the spread.

Give me some ideas on what decks you like to connect with your intuition in the comments below and I may just have to go buy them.

Intuitive Tarot Decks

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