7 Witchy Apps I’m Loving Right Now

We all have times when we are out and about and not able to use our computer or have our tarot cards out, these are my favorite apps  that I am using right now. Also, these are great apps to have if you are a techno witch.


Astro Future

This is a must have app if you are interested in astrology. This app gives you your natal chart as well as a forecast for the day based on where the planets have moved from your natal chart and how those energies will affect you personally. I included the pictures of the apps because there are sooo many apps out there and sometimes I have trouble finding an app I used to have because i got the name wrong 🙂


This is an awesome meditation and sound app that plays different frequencies for different options. They have options to connect with your highest self, for astral projection, for deep sleep and so many more. The free version gives you one frequency for each of the options and if you pay for the app, you get a handful or more for each option. On top of that, the Customer Service is amazing. I had some issues with the app not working and I got quick and efficient responses from a real person. I was very impressed with this.

Co Star

Co Star is a good app if you just want some basics about the 11 houses and what your signs are in those 11 houses. It tells you a description of your chart and then gives you daily updates based on your chart, similar to Astro Future. Co Star does break down the daily updates into positive energies and negative energies that you may be running into.


If you connect with he moon, but have a hard time remembering what phase or zodiac the moon is moving into, this app is perfect. It gives you an overview of where the moon is and where the moon is going to be moving into next. The calendar is a paid feature and allows you to see monthly forecasts, but the free version shows you current and the next moon phase.


 If you are interested in learning tarot, I highly recommend this app. Although no amount of time spent on your phone can replace spending time with your cards, this app is helpful is waiting rooms and when your on the go. You go through a module of questions for each of the cards and you have to answer with the correct meaning of the card. They add multiple meanings, which makes it harder. But overall it’s a great way to learn tarot, and it’s free right now.


If you feel a connection to the stars, love looking up at the sky, this app is a must have for you. You open the app and hold it towards the sky and it identifies the stars and constellations that you are looking at that you may not be able to see with your naked eye. I love going outside at night and finding new stars and planets.


Runes are another type of divination that may be older than tarot. These 25 stones are similar to tarot, but look at bigger picture feelings, like the major arcana. This app is great because it offers a 1-3 rune reading and also can help you learn the descriptions of the runes. You don’t have to do a reading to get a description of the rune like with other apps.



If you like these apps, or have others that you love, leave me a comment below.



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