Ohm Terra is more than just a website and a YouTube channel.. it’s a lifestyle. Ohm Terra is a place where anything magickal goes.  It is a place to learn more about your path and have fun while doing so. Ohm is a unit of energy (typically electrical energy) and Terra is the Latin word for earth. So Ohm Terra is the energy of the Earth. This is the energy that we all connect to when we practice magick. This is also the energy that supports life on this planet we call home.

Magick shouldn’t be oppressive and overwhelming. It should be something that brings you joy and happiness. Something to raise your vibration and help you connect more fully with this world and others. Stepping into my highest self has helped me manifest things that I didn’t think were possible. 

I want to help you step into your highest self and take charge of your own energy.

What does it mean to be take charge of your energy? It means that you own your energy. You don’t need anyone else’s approval, praise, or energy to be you. You know who you are and what you want and you’re not scared to express it.

There was a time where I felt that I was close to my purpose, but was going about it the wrong way. I needed to step out of my comfort zone and show up for myself. Doing this left me feeling EMPOWERED

Empowered that I can be who I am on the inside and not be scared of being judged.

Do you want to feel empowered? Do you want to connect with your true authentic self and be open with people?

Connecting to and being your highest self takes work. If you’re ready to put in the work, click here to get started with free resources on the website!

So What’s with the logo?

I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t, which you probably didn’t).

The logo represents concepts which will be talked about on this site. I’ve broken it down below. Please realize that there is a lot of information locked within each of these concepts. Although the overview may not seem pertinent to your current path, most of these concepts can be integrated into everyone’s life.

All seeing eye

The Eye

The eye represents knowledge. It is the All Seeing Eye, which is the eye of the Supreme Energy which watches over us. This can be a God, Gaia, The All, The Universe, or whatever name that you give it. This represents the initial energy of creation, the guidance that we seek, the other end of the connection.

Concept examples:

The atom/ Hexagram

The Atom/ Hexagram

This symbol is a two fold symbol. First, it represents the energy of the atom. The atom is one of the smallest pieces of matter and it vibrates at different frequencies to create everything that we know. This is the vibrational energy of the planet.

Second, it represents the elements. In alchemy, the elements are represented by triangles upright and upside down, with Air and Water having a line through the tip. When you combine all 4 triangles, you receive a double triangle star, also known as the Star of David or in alchemy, the Hexagram. The elements represent more than just their physical states in magick. They represent balance between all things. The Hexagram also symbolizes the duality of male and female.

Concept Examples:

Moon symbol of Ohm Terra

The Moon

The Moon represents to connection that our bodies have to this earth. The Moon is connected to the earth through gravity and has long been associated with the Divine Feminine. The Moon’s energy can guide us in our magick as well as our lives.

Concept Examples:

Star of Ohm Terra

The Stars

To me, the stars are the masculine energy of the cosmos. The Moon is the feminine; the stars, masculine. Together, they create a balanced Universe for us to live in. The Moon and the stars also represents astrology and our connection to our planetary bodies that are within our solar system. Please note that I am not saying that practices related to the stars are for men, and the moon for women. Within each of us, we all have both masculine and feminine qualities. This duality can be seen in most things, such as the cosmos.

Star of David/ HExagram

In addition, the stars also represents a pentagram. This pentagram includes all 4 elements and the 5th element of spirit. The crystal ball encompasses the pentagrams and creates a pentacle, symbolizing the unity of the elements with the spirit.

Concept Examples:

  • Astrology

The Crystal Ball

The crystal ball represents the earth element. Crystals are also very good energy conductors and enhancers, similar to our bodies. As we grow our connection with the earth, we find different energies affect us differently than they once did.  The crystal ball brings the terrestrial element to the site, which brings us down to earth and forces us to realize humanities place on the earth is not to control to and deplete it, but to live with is in harmony.

Concept Examples:

  • Using Crystals in Magick
  • Garden and Herb Magick

P.S.- Yes, I know there are ads on the site, but that is how I am able to continue to bring you the information provided on this site for free. Instead of trying to get you to buy a product with all of this information, I feel that knowledge shouldn’t have a price. So thank you for tolerating the ads!

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