Are you a Starseed?

Starseeds are people who exist as a human on earth, but may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or Universe.
Most Starseeds do not know anything about where they came from. They come into this human life, with no knowledge of themselves. Typically, Starseeds are sent to Earth to fulfill a mission (one given to them or chosen by them). This mission is often to help humanity evolve and be better.
Not all Starseeds will “awaken” during their time on Earth. Those who do typically begin to feel like they just don’t belong, even though they’re surrounded by people. They feel like they just want to “go home”, but their physical home isn’t actually the home they feel they want to go to. When a starseed awakens, they begin to feel like they have a purpose here, that they’re meant to do something.
Some Starseeds have been here before, this not being their first time on earth. This can make remembering who they are difficult because they’ve become accustomed to earth’s energies and vibrations. Sometimes a starseed will reincarnate on earth again and again until they’re able to “wake up” and remember what their mission is.
Starseed missions typically have to do with making the earth better and helping humanity. But what’re they trying to help humanity with? They’re trying to help with the process of Ascension, which is when the vibrational energy frequency raises. Raising this frequency shifts people from a self-centered state (ego) to a more heart based consciousness.
The earth is currently operating at a 3D vibrational frequency and most Starseeds operate at 4D frequencies or higher, up to 12D. In order for a starseed to embrace their vibrational energy, they need to wake up and remember their mission.
Do you think you could be a starseed? Here are 50 traits and characteristics that could mean you’re a starseed.
  1. You feel different from others. You feel disconnected from everyone else, like your out of place. Sometimes this may lead to others feeling uncomfortable around you without knowing why.
  2. You’re extremely sensitive, may have a sixth sense, or are naturally empathic. Sometimes you may not be aware that you are picking up on others’ emotions and may think they’re your own.
  3. Due to always picking up on other peoples energies, you feel like you’re always energetic drained from being around negative people, or even just large crowds. You like to have your alone time.
  4. You spend time thinking about what other people are thinking about. This can sometimes lead to telepathic abilities. Sometimes, you just enjoy watching people for the curiosity of it.
  5. You don’t understand why people ‘do what they do’ or ‘like what they like’, which leads you to not have much in common with most people. When you want to ‘blend in’ you sometimes find yourself shifting your energies to match theirs so that you can try to understand them on a deeper level.
  6. You don’t like mindless chit chat or small talk. You want to talk about meaningful things.
  7. You frequently see the number 11:11 and have a peculiar feeling when you see this number.
  8. You often feel superior to others for no obvious reason.
  9. You feel like you have a purpose in life, even if you don’t know what that purpose is yet.
  10. You often get frustrated by the physical restrictions of your body.
  11. You have very few friends, and those whom you do call friends understand you without asking.
  12. Animals are drawn to you and you feel like you can just about communicate with them. This may also be true to babies and children. (Or those closer to their connection to the Universe, without cultural and societal programming)
  13. You have a deep interest in spirituality, but may want to go beyond books and typical religion. You know what it is deep down inside of you, because it feels like it has always been a part of you.
  14. You’re drawn to metaphysics and the science of other worlds.
  15. You may get frustrated at the pace of conversations because you know what the other people is going to say before they start. This may make you seem rude.
  16. People often come to you with their problems because you have a way to make them feel better.
  17. You may suffer from social anxiety and have a hard time making small talk.
  18. You don’t always like when people make sexual, racial or foul jokes or references. It makes you feel uncomfortable.
  19. You find solutions to problems quicker than most- earthly complaints seem simple to you.
  20. You’ve always been an avid reader, even as a child. Your ability to absorb knowledge has led you to be a jack of all trades, but master of none.
  21. You’re naturally talented in technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics.
  22. You would prefer to be your own boss. If not, then work with something they’re passionate about and feel like they’re making a difference.
  23. Favorite colors may be indigo, purple, blue or green. This can also be the lighter versions like sky blue, lavender, and teal.
  24. May have prophetic dreams.

As a child

  1. You may have been more introverted
  2. You didn’t feel like you could relate to other children and would often be found playing by yourself, or lost in your own make believe world.
  3. Preferred the company of adults to children and were considered mature for your age.
  4. May have had periods of hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD, or even autism) diagnosis. This is due to absorbing energies around your and not being able to properly shield.
  5. Highly intelligent and love learning, even if you’re grades didn’t show it, with interests in various subjects. But if a subject was not interesting or you didn’t see the point in learning it, you would tune it out.
  6. You often had an imaginary friend, which was usually more vivid and realistic than the typical imaginary friend.
  7. Felt more comfortable talking with plants, animals, or inanimate objects. You seemed to have sensed the energy from these items. A strong attraction to things like nature and weather can be a draw to the higher frequency and faster vibration of the energies.
  8. You enjoyed nature a lot, and still do. Being in nature is energizing and things like swimming can be calming to you.
  9. May have developed an interest in healing of any form when you were young, which may have persisted.
  10. Had a wisdom of life that most people don’t have until they’re older.
  11. You may have had some unusual experiences as a child that you will never forgot. This could even be dreams that felt more like memories than dreams. This experience may have occurred when you were around ages 5-11 and relates to stars, UFOs, aliens or even ghosts and shadow figures.

Physical Characteristics

  1. Sensitive to extreme hot or cold.
  2. Either highly tolerant to, or highly sensitive to pain.
  3. You don’t get sick nearly as often as everyone around you and when you do, you recovered more quickly.
  4. Possible strong body odor (no matter their body type).
  5. Never broken a bone in your life, and heal from injuries and sprains easily.
  6. Random bruises and scratches that you don’t know where they came from.
  7. Unusual shape, location or pattern in their birthmarks or freckles.
  8. Aversion to bright and unnatural lighting and prefer natural sunlight.
  9. Very good hearing and sensitive to loud sounds. May suddenly begin to hear high pitched frequencies that may or may not be accompanied by tingling, or pins and needles or pressure somewhere. This usually comes about randomly and leaves just as randomly and is associated with rapid spiritual growth.
  10. May have blonde hair, or any color with a reddish tint.
  11. Very distinct eyes. This can be due to color, intensity, eccentricity.
  12. Have extreme intolerance or tolerance of drugs, alcohol and medicines. You either swing one way or the other. You need to be careful because you may be prone to using these to escape.
  13. You might be a night owl because you feel comforted by the solitude and clarity.
  14. If you are not a night owl, you may have disrupted sleep patterns, often awakening around 3am, and needing less sleep than most.
  15. Your body confuses doctors with the way that it works. You may have a lower than normal body temperature, or inability to withstand heat.
Do you resonate with most if not all of them? If so, then it’s highly likely that you are a starseed. This is long list, and covers a lot of things that most people can resonate with at least some of them. This is not to say that you have to have all of them to be a starseed, but the most telling sign that you are a starseed, is the gut feeling. If you have a strong gut feeling that you are a starseed, whether or not you resonate with this list, or any other list, you most likely are a starseed.
Whether you are fully awakened and know your purpose or not, not everyone may understand all of the concepts about being a starseed and may think you’re a little nuts (what’s new?, right?) Being a starseed is something that you will just know, no matter how crazy people tell you that you are.
50 signs your a starseed






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  1. Christine Sinclair Avatar
    Christine Sinclair

    First time Ive seen your site/blog. It is absolutely fantastic. Reading Starseed is definitely me…OMgosh what a shock…even
    the items from childhood. I was ‘diagnosed’ as BiPolar Hypermanic which I do not believe are mental disorders I believe they are thoughts that can be placed ‘in order’ if one can believe positively, they are not a bad thing. Definitely Starseed I am, all the signs are there…now how can I channel this in a direction of positivity and light…

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