Can You Increase Hair Growth with a Biotin Supplement?

The other day I was in the shower and as I’m washing my hair I wondered how biotin is supposed to increase hair growth if your hair and nails are yours body’s waste.. And at the same time, I am wondering why I haven’t looked into this before since I have a bottle of biotin sitting in my desk drawer.

Most people have hair issues at some time in their life. What they may not realize is that your hair is just waste from your body.

Human hair consists of 7 different parts, but I want to focus on the main 2: the root and the shaft. The root is the part of the hair that is below the skin in the follicle. The shaft is what extends out of the follicles. Once hair has come out from underneath the skin, it is technically dead.

The shafts of hair that we try to style and make look ‘oh so pretty’ is mostly keratin waste from our bodies. Keratin is a protein that our body uses to strengthen our hair skin and nails. Keratin also lines our organs and protects them.

Therefore, when the hair is in the root, it is alive and growing. Once it comes out, it is dead and can no longer be nourished by your body. This is why conditioners and hair products are so popular.

In order to increase hair growth and strength, you want to work from the inside and it will take time. Increasing vitamins that are needed to create keratin helps your body create more, which is then used to grow your hair, nails, and skin.

how to grow your hair with biotin

4 Ways to Help Create Keratin:

Keratin is not a vitamin or mineral that can be found in food. Your body has to make it. You can help increase keratin production by making sure you have the right vitamins available.


Including more protein in your diet may increase keratin creation. Bonus: protein can also help reduce hunger!!

Sulfur Rich Foods

Keratin is made up of sulfur rich amino acids (amino acids are the pieces of the puzzle that fit together to make up protein). Some foods that are high in sulfur are proteins (meat, beans, eggs) and some veggies like onions, kale asparagus, and Brussel sprouts.

Biotin Rich Foods

Biotin is needed to help create keratin. Although biotin is available in the foods we eat –like nuts, beans, whole grains, cauliflowers and mushrooms- people who want to grow their hair also may take a biotin vitamin pill. Biotin will dissolve in water, and your body will not store it, you will end up peeing out any extra biotin. Currently, there is not much research on the effects of biotin on hair growth.

Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A is also needed to create keratin and can be found in orange colored fruits and veggies. Cooked dark leafy greens are also a good source of vitamin A. Make sure that you eat these foods with a fat source, like butter, otherwise your body can’t use it and will just store it for later.



Can You Increase Hair Growth with a Biotin Supplement?
Can You Increase Hair Growth with a Biotin Supplement?

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