chakra wisdom deck review

Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck Review

Today we are going to review the Chakra Wisdom tarot deck by Tori Hartman. I haven’t seen too much about this deck on social media, but I kept seeing on Amazon when I was in shopping moods, so I decided to pick it up. I like to preview the card imagery on Google before I buy a deck and even from the images people had posted of the cards, I felt there was going to be a deep connection.
The first thing that I noticed about the deck was the book was a little small. But don’t let this fool you! Once I started reading the book I realized that it didn’t need to be big, it was a mini powerhouse of knowledge about everything that I needed to know. I do find that I want more description of the card meanings, but that’s just me being lazy and not tapping into my intuition to read. Don’t be like lazy me, tap into your intuition J  I go more in depth on the guidebook below.

The second thing that I noticed was that the cardstock was not very thick like my Shadowscapes deck or even the Wildood deck. It was more on par with the Mystic Dreamer deck. It’s not like it’s not usable or anything, I just have to be careful and not be clumsy with it. This is a deck that will easily hold the form of a bend if you do too many poker riffles when you shuffle the deck.d

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Onto the cards…

The cards.. the cards.. They are sooo pretty. I love that they came arranged in order of the chakra colors. The first card that I noticed was The World because it didn’t fit into any of the chakras. Come to find out, The World is classified as its own chakra, the eighth chakra, which is your aura, or your “protector from physical beings and your karma from past lives”.
The cards in the Chakra wisdom deck are arranged to have two sets of four cards from the minor arcana (i.e. the twos in all four suits and the nines in all four suits) and 3 major arcana cards in each of the 7 main chakras and of course the world is all of the chakra colors in a rainbow. The chakra colors are along the perimeter of the cards, creating a frame for the card, which make is easy to determine which chakra the card belongs to. I am not sure how the cards were chosen to fit into each chakra. Some feel a bit off when you try to link the energy to the chakra, but that could just be me. I am going to be honest and say that my knowledge of the chakra system is very basic which can be a big part of my not understanding.
The imagery on the cards really speaks to me. I love that it uses the same girl all the way through. This is something that really makes the concept of the tarot being a journey easy to understand. The Fool is encountering and interacting with all of the major arcana cards as she moves through her journey.
Tori has split up the Fool’s journey into 3 sections, learning, living and mastery. This, to me, is a great representation of the journey itself. You go through and learn what you need to, then implement it in your own life, and then you ascend and master the techniques and knowledge that you have learned to become your highest self.

I don’t think I have come across a better way to describe the journey than this…

The Chakra Wisdom Guidebook..

The guidebook was deceiving to me at first. I am used to some pretty hefty guidebooks or getting the little white book that you get with some other decks. This book is in the middle. It contains 112 pages chock full of goodness. I spent the night reading this little gem.
The guidebook starts off with using your chakras for manifestation and the difference between manifestation and magnetization. Tori also includes a few meditations at the beginning of the book as well as information on how the book is laid out.
The book then continues on to the major arcana descriptions. The descriptions are not beefy like some other texts, but they get to the point. With all of the other information that she includes for the card including keywords, planets, reversed meanings, meditation and next steps, you are really able to understand the meaning of the card and how the card impacts your life.
The cards are arranged in The Fool’s journey with short stories that outline the journey through the cards at each section (learning, living, mastery).
The minor arcana are split up by chakra and the edges of the page are color coded to make it easier to find. Each chakra is represented by 2 numbers of the minor cards and the descriptions for the cards include description, chakra message, keywords, reversed meaning, meditation, and contemplation.

The contemplation takes the place of the next steps in the minors. Tori states that this is because the minors are more day to day actions that can be looked at more closely, while the majors are cards of destiny and can indicate that action needs to be taken.

The Spreads

After going through all of the cards, I did the four spreads that were in the back of the Guidebook and wowza.. that’s some information packed readings. The spread focus on reading for yourself as well as others and really connecting to the energies of the reading and letting you know what chakras the energies that you are projecting are coming from.
Knowing where your energies are coming from is important in a reading because it lets you notice the difference between your mind (and where you think the energies are coming from) and where they are actually coming from.  For example, you may think your energies are coming from your heart chakra, which is focused on self love and relationships (because who doesn’t do love readings? J) but your actually projecting energy from your root chakra, which is asking for security and safety and to know your loved and accepted.

Knowing this about yourself and using this spread for clients at the beginning of readings can really help you connect to their energies and realize how to communicate effectively with them.

The Spreads that are included are in the Chakra Wisdom Deck:

  • Centering Yourself to Read For Others (this is the spread I was talking about above)
  • Chakra Focus
  • The Seven Planets (or Chakras)
  • Your Path to Manifesting
Each of these spreads has its own guidance using the chakras as well as the tarot meanings.
Overall the deck and guidebook are amazing finds if you want to connect to your inner self and figure out where you are coming from and how to manifest what you want. I highly recommend this set for beginners and advanced readers who want to deepen their connection. you can grab the deck on Amazon here (affiliate).







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