Do You Have the Claircognizace Ability? 13 Signs and and How You Can Develop This Psychic Skill

People who have claircognizance have the ability of clear knowing. People are typically logical, enjoy thinking things out loud and get sudden ideas that pop into your head- specifically something that you hadn’t thought of before or hadn’t been thinking about previously. This is what is referred to as claircognizance.
Claircognizance is one of the four psychic abilities collectively referred to as the “clairs”. The others are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
This is typically seen in people who have “visions” of the future. They’re able to know about sometimes, an event, occurrence, and intention without any evidence.

13 Signs Your Claircognizant

  1. You have a very active mind- always thinking
  2. You have sudden ideas that you can’t wait to share that often keep you up at night
  3. You always end up interrupting people- you can’t help it
  4. You enjoy logical thinking and figuring things out
  5. You often  just know when someone is genuine or trustworthy or just the opposite- you just know when they’re no good
  6. People come to you with things they can’t solve themselves..
  7. You prefer books or written words
  8. You grasp fine details and use them to see the bigger picture
  9. You like technology
  10. You finish people’s sentences
  11. You have a good sense of direction
  12. Excellent memory
  13. Your good at finding lost items

Crystals for Claircognizance:

Tiger eye
Golden apatite

How to Enhance Claircognizance:

Listen to your gut when it tells you something
When you’re trying to develop Claircognizance, you should always listen to and follow your gut. If you don’t trust your gut instincts, you’re not trusting your abilities.
Clear you’re Solar Plexus
Boost your confident with Solar Plexus Chakra work by spending some times in the sun, eating yellow foods, or using crystals associated with the solar plexus
Automatic free writing
Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Ask yourself a question and just let your hand flow.. don’t consciously think about spelling or grammar or anything that your writing, just observe what shows up on the page.
Use Zener cards
Zener cards are a set of card with a shape on one side and nothing on the other. You lay them out in front of you and focus on the shape that’s on the other side.
Use music
Play some awesome upbeat music and imagine that you KNOW what song is up next. The point is not to get it right, but to open yourself up and break away from logic.
Meditation and Visualizing
When you’re relaxed, your intuition is more open to receiving messages. Try visualizing your crown chakra opening up to receive the guidance.





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