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How to Manifest Success Tarot Spread

What does Earned Success mean to you?

Earned Success to me means something that I have worked my ass off for. It’s something that I have put in the hours, the effort, the struggle to get. And when you get it, the one thing that no one can take away is the statement “I earned this shit”.

This tarot spread is going to help you get clear about where you are going to be able to see some Earned Success and how you can push to the finish line. I apologize that this spread is a bit complicated, but I think that it will give you the information that you’re looking for.

Earned Success Tarot Spread

Pull out the Six of Swords and place it at the top of your tarot reading area. This is your focus. This card represents the success that you can earn from your efforts. Notice that this is not a card of given success- you’re going to have to work for this and work your butt off. But it will be totally worth it.

So then the question remains- How will you accomplish this Earned Success?

Card 1- What area of my life will the success be in?

For this card, we are most interested in the suit because the suit will tell us the area of life where we will see our success.

Tarot Cards by Area of Life

Health, Wealth, Physical, HomeCreativity, Action, Passion, GrowthLove, Emotions, Empathy, IntuitionThought, Communication, Clarity of Mind, Honesty
Pentacles Suit Empress Hierophant Hermit Devil WorldWands Suit
Wheel of Fortune Temperance Tower
Sun Judgement
Cups Suit
High Priestess Chariot
Hanged Man Death
Swords Suit

Card 2– Am I close to my success?

This card should be read as a yes/no answer. Yes cards can be Aces or upright cards and No cards are reversed cards. If an Ace is reversed- its  a solid maybe.

Card 3– What is holding me back from success?

Cards 4 & 5– What steps can I take to achieve success in [Card 1] area of my life?

Card 6– How will this success improve my life?

Noticing Patterns..

When you have completed pulling the cards, take a look at the spread as a whole and look for some patterns:

Are there a lot of cards in the same suit as Card 1? If so, this may mean that you really need to hunker down and focus on this area of your life in order to be able to see the success that you want.

Are there a lot of Court Cards? Court cards can sometime indicate people who may be able to help. If you see a  lot of Court Cards in your spread, maybe you need to look to others for help to achieve your success, or the success will be the success of a group (Aquarius season, anyone?)

Are there a lot of Major Arcana cards? This may be telling you that this is going to be a BIG SUCCESS and may have lasting effects throughout other areas of your life.

Make sure you pay attention to the patterns in the overall spread and not just the cards in their respective positions.

Leave me a comment if you tried this spread and what you thought!

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