Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning- Competition

Upright Keywords: Conflict, disagreements, fighting against the flow, strife, struggle, rising to challenges, disagreement, competition, envy from others, boldness, command, generosity

Reversed Keywords: Inner conflict, tension release, conflict avoidance, increased focus on goals, not sure what you’re fighting about, cruelty, violence, lust, prodigality (wasteful spending)

The Five of Wands shows multiple people fighting amongst themselves. What are they fighting for?

five of wands

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

There is a lot of competition and struggle happening right now. You may not know who to trust.  This may be preventing you from moving forward with your goals right now. You may be running into people who are equally ambitious as you are.

There is uncertainty afoot which can lead to speculation about what is going on. This uncertainty can cause anxiety, which can lead to arguments and fighting amongst friends. 

Everyone is fighting to be heard, but no one is taking the time to listen to one another. This is your chance to rise above everyone and be the person that listens.  Be the one to stay calm and not engage, just listen. This may earn you a bit of respect from those who are fighting and it can help to ease the tension. The Five of Wands can also symbolize friendly competition between friends or colleagues. Be careful that this doesn’t get out of hand.

There is conflict about and you are not sure where you stand. You haven’t fully formed an opinion yet, which is causing internal conflict. Those around you may be confident in their opinions and may be trying to force their opinions on you at this time. Know that there will always be those who disagree with what you believe, but that doesn’t make your belief wrong.

You may find yourself enjoying a bit of a power trip right now. You find that you have some power over other people, and it’s going to your head. This may make you feel a bit bold in your actions, and maybe even a little generous towards them. Just because you have power doesn’t mean that it has to be used to evil. Power can be used for good.

5 of wands

Five of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You might have won against others, and shown that you are more qualified. Violence and cruel methods may have been used to win. Or they will now be used against those you have beaten. 

In contrast, you may be trying your hardest to avoid conflict right now. You are not working through the issues, but instead, you are hiding from them and suppressing them. When the Five of Wands shows up reversed in a reading, it may be telling you that you need to address the issues that you are ignoring at this time. Get out of your comfort zone, and rise up to the challenge.

You may be engaging in behaviors right now that are lustful. Relationships that are more like one night stands, without any emotional connection may be occurring. On this same note, you may find yourself drowning your sorrows in a shopping spree. Spending money on things that you know that you don’t need (or even want), but are only buying to attempt to fill a void. If you find yourself doing either of these, you may want to take some time to think about the void that you are trying to fill. What do you feel is missing in your life that you are avoiding?

Time Period: July 23- August 1; Sun in Leo (1st Decan of Leo)




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