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Ohm Terra Free Resources

Here are some of the free resources from around the site for you to download and enjoy. More will be added as the site begins to grow.

Free Intuitive Tarot Reading Guide

Free Intuitive Tarot Guide

This is a 13 page guide to help you connect with your most authentic self

Digital Tarot Journal Print Outs

Digital Tarot Journal Pages

All tarot readers, beginners and advanced alike should keep some sort of tarot journal where they log the readings they do and card meanings among other things. Here are some sample templates that you can use to get started.

Finding Your Soul with Tarot Printable art of Ohm Terra Free Resources

Finding Your Soul with Tarot

This is a series of posts here on the blog, with worksheets that you can download to learn more about yourself and your purpose here on Earth. This series will help you discover the type of person that you are meant to be.

Series Posts:

How to Align your Cycle with the Moon Printables- part of Ohm Terra Free Resources

Align Your Cycle with the Moon

Printables for tracking your cycle and the moon cycles to see how your body is affected by the moon each month.

Here is how to use this guide

Tarot Numerology E-book - part of Ohm Terra Free Resources

Tarot by the Numbers: an In Depth Look at Tarot Numerology

Each tarot card has a number that is associated with it- kinda obvious. But did you know that each of those numbers has a more occult meaning that is linked to the Mystical Qabalah and the Tree of Life?