Free witchy e-books April 2020
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Free Witchy Kindle Books- April 2020

So most of the world is stuck at home right now and I for one am going to be taking advantage of this fact and get my witchy read on. I do realize that because of the global situation, money may be a bit tight, so I thought that I would hunt through Amazon for some free witchy books that you can read in your down time.  Below is a list of witchy Kindle books that are free- even without a Prime or Audible membership.
If you are interested in getting more than is one this list I highly recommend getting Kindle Unlimited Sub or an Audible Sub– depending on how you would like to read or listen.
The only down side that I have found to doing Kindle Unlimited is that if you like to read fiction series, they will give you the first for free then require payment for the remainder of the series. This bothered me until I realized that most of the books that I want to read now-a-days aren’t series, THEY’RE WITCHY.

The Best Find!

This book is by one of the founding members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was the society that A.E Waite (Rider Waite Smith tarot deck) and Aleister Crowley (Thoth Deck) were a part of. This society is where most of the esoteric knowledge surrounding the modern day tarot cards come from.

Wicca + Witchcraft Books

Although this book doesn’t have a fancy cover. H.P Blavatsky is an occultist who is referenced in a lot of Golden Dawn and early 1900’s occult books. This might be a gem of hidden knowledge.

Runes + Divination

Elder Futhark Runes

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