Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Unboxing November 2021 “Moon Goddess”

I randomly decided that I wanted to sign up for the Goddess Provisions box a few months ago. I have loved every box that I have gotten and wanted to share this amazing box with you guys.

So the Lunar eclipse is in a few days and I think that the box theme of Lunar is perfect with this lunar eclipse. Each month the box is created around a different theme, which is awesome because you always get different types of items.

Goddess provisions box for november 2021

If you want to check out the unboxing for the November 2021 box, you can watch below (5 minute video) or you can read about it below.

What Come in the Goddess Provisions Box?

Each month they have a different theme. In the few months that I’ve been getting this box they’ve had a cosmic, divination and lunar theme.

This month was the lunar theme- “Moon Goddess” and in the box was a mug, a pillowcase with a crystal pocket, a new moon roller oil, a lunar calendar, a crystal, a rainbow maker, and more of their oracle collector cards.

If you like any of the items that came in the box, after the boxes have gone out Goddess Provisions adds most of the items to their boutique, so you could grab whatever items you want.

Lunar and Solar cermic mug from Goddess Provisions box

Lunar + Solar Ceramic Mug

This mug is adorable. It is a small mug , only 8 oz,, so it’s not going to be one that I use for daily drinking. But it’s definitely going to have a spot on my witchy shelf. On one side it says “Moon Gazing” and the other says “Day Dreaming”. If you want to grab one for yourself, you can choose from black 8oz, black 12oz, pink or purple versions. I’m honestly kind of sad that I didn’t get a pink or purple one.

crescent moon rainbow makes from the moon goddess box

Crescent Moon Rainbow Maker

So I have had a few of these in my cart on amazon for a while and I have been debating on where to hang it as I have blinds on 99% of my windows. Low and behold, the Universe knew what I was thinking and sent this one. When it arrived, the crystal wasn’t connected to the wooden moon as the wire had come out of the clasp. I think a trip to my local craft store to grab a jewelry clasp should fix this easily.

A rainbow maker works by fragmenting the sunlight that comes in your windows into the different spectrum of color. So now I’m off to find where to hang this beauty. If you want to grab one for yourself, you can do so on the Goddess Provisions site.

Grab Your Own Goddess Box Sub here

2022 moon phase wall hanging from Goddess Provisions

2022 Lunar Calendar

The lunar calendar is a great idea in my opinion. I love being able to glance at something and know what phase the moon is in. It’s honestly easier than using my phone sometimes. And I love that having things like this allow me to decorate my space. It was made in collaboration with Seeds of Creation. Grab your 2022 lunar calendar on their site here.

Crystal Dreams Pillowcase

This pillowcase is a fantabulous idea. I have always wondered how people sleep with crystals, tarot cards or sachets under their pillows without losing them during the night. Not only do I move around too much, but I’m sure my cat would love to chew on a tarot deck or swat around a crystal in the middle of the night.

This pillowcase is made with vegan silk from plastic bottles so it’s nice and soft and is also really good to keep frizzy hair at bay. The moon on the corner is an adorable touch too.

The pocket took me a minute to find as it is on the inside of the pillowcase in the back.

You can grab yours in pink, purple, white or black on their site.

New Moon essential oil roller

New Moon Roll-On

This roll on is great for new beginnings with the New Moon. The smell is fresh and lemony, which makes sense because its a blend off lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. I am holding off on using this until the next New Moon to use it my New Moon Manifesting Ritual.

Goddess Provisions Oracle Cards Moon Phases

Moon Phase Oracle Pack

For the past few months, Goddess Provisions has been sending out their own oracle cards in small trading card type packets. So far they have 3 series out- fairy, zodiac, and moon phases. This month was the moon phases and I really like these cards. It definitely gives me that I need to collect them all vibe. I missed out on the fairy series and will need to go back and pick those up to make sure I get the full set.

strawberry crystal

Raw Strawberry Quartz

Each month the Goddess Provisions box comes with a different crystal. This month was a raw strawberry quartz which is a supporting and healing stone. It helps to bring Universal love into your heart.

With all the powerful amplification properties of Clear Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, also known as Red Quartz, weaves in an added layer of soothing, loving energy. Infused with Goethite and Iron Oxide, this juicy crystals help us to see our purpose and find our place. They help attract the love we deserve in our lives, be it platonic or romantic, and can further ease the anxiety of living in a hectic, fast-paced world. This crystal to lightens our loads, improves our moods, and encourages love to flood our lives.

It opens, activates, and heals the Root Chakra. It is associated to  the charming diplomacy of Libra, the romantic sensitivity of Pisces, and the inventive intelligence of Aquarius.

from Sage Crystals

This is a box that I am gong to be sticking with for a long time because I am loving what I have gotten in my boxes. if you want to see more of these unboxings, let me know in the comments. Or you can grab your own box here.

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Unboxing November 2021 \
Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Unboxing November 2021 \





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  1. Apophyllite Avatar

    Apophyllite is a charismatic crystal that represents a union of the feminine and masculine energies, which is an epitome of balance in the entire universe. The gemstone’s bright light blends together completely to dissolve all the wavelengths, leaving it utterly devoid of any dualistic or manifested energies.

    1. Faerellia Avatar

      Funny thing.. I just got Apophyllite as my crystal card of the day the other day after reading this comment..

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