The Ultimate Self Care Item You Need: Heated Eye Mask

I don’t know about you, but the face is one of the hardest places for me to relax. I mean how often do you notice if your cheeks and jaw are tense throughout the day? Any? (….it took me years to notice mine..) I find most eye masks just don’t stay on or don’t fit right.

As I’ve started to notice where I hold my stress, I find the addition of heat makes it so much easier to relax the muscles in my face, but it’s also so hard to keep anything on my face and breathe at the same time…

This heated eye mask can run for 2- 30 minute sessions and will turn off automatically after 30 minutes to avoid burns and overheating. It also means that you can fall asleep with it on too!

I like the wrap around the head idea which will not only help keep the mask on, but it will block out more light. Also, it makes it longer lasting than those eye masks with elastic straps which stretch over time. And how many of those eye masks *really* fit you. C’mon.. be honest. I haven’t ever found one that fits me.

This mask is also washable, which is amazing for those nights when you wake up drenching.. because hormones.. or summer.. or whatever your reason.

The downside to falling asleep with it on is that you skin and eye area won’t be able to breathe well- so you may not want to do this all night every night.

This is a new product on Amazon, and it’s already got a 4 star review!

Grab yours here.

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