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Balance through Intuitive Awareness: Birth Card Pattern

Here is my personal interpretation of the Tarot Birth Card Theme of The High Priestess and how it relates to finding Balance through Intuitive Awareness. If you have come across this page and you haven’t learned what your tarot birth cards are and how it relates to this pattern, head over to the main post on In Depth Tarot Birth Cards.

Tarot Card Pattern: The High Priestess

Theme: Balance through Intuitive Awareness

The High Priestess tarot card

Key 2: The High Priestess : intuition, wisdom

justice tarot card
justice tarot card

Key 11: Justice: balance, harmony

judgement tarot card

Key 20: Judgement: being heard, awakening, judgement

How the Pattern is Found

The tarot keys that are included in the Pattern of The High Priestess. Each of these cards can be broken down to a single prime number of 2, which relates it back to The High Priestess.

 Justice: Key 11

11= 1+1=2

Judgement: Key 20



The High Priestess brings us the wisdom that we need to be able to bring harmony and balance to our lives. This wisdom is an inner knowledge that we all have, but need to listen to. When the energy of The Fool passes through the pillars of The High Priestess, The Fool gains access to his intuition. Or his own inner knowing. This knowledge helps to bring harmony to your life by being able to make good judgments and choices.  When you follow your intuition, you’re making the choices that you know, deep down, are the best for you.

Judgement can also symbolize an awakening. When you open the gates to your intuition and listen to it more frequently, it becomes natural. Sometimes the early stages of awakening can be tough because you are awakening a dormant part of you.

Overall, for birth cards, you are very in tune with your intuition and your “gut feelings” are typically spot on. In addition, you may have some psychic abilities. When these showed up, you may have had to deal with a rough awakening to a whole new side of things.  The new view on life includes gut feelings and just knowing things being the norm. You are more likely to listen to these feelings to help you make choices in your life, even if it doesn’t seem like the easiest option to take.





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