Higher Purpose Tarot Spread

Higher Purpose Tarot Spread

Are you lost and wondering what your purpose is? Not sure what you want at the moment? This is a great spread to help you see what you are wanting at the moment and get a little insight into yourself.



Card Self– this is where you are at right now. This is you, sitting here and your feelings.
Card Ambitions and desires– Is there something buried deep down that you want? Something that you push down because it’s not the right [fill in the blank]?
Card Ideals, goals and path to spiritual awakening- This card is packed full of goodness. This is where you see what you ideals are, how you determine what is right and wrong. This is also where you see your goals in life. What are you here to accomplish? The goals that you have will set you on your path to spiritual awakening, so make sure to stick to those goals!
Card 4 Life path, accomplishments- This is the path that you life will take if you stay on the path of card 3. These are things that you will accomplish in life.
Card 5 Challenges- These are the challenges that you will face on your path.
Card 6 Strengths and positive personality traits- But don’t worry, because this card is the tools that you need to be able to overcome those challenges. This is your strengths and positive traits.
Card 7 Weaknesses- This card represents your weaknesses. Now don’t take this card as all negative. If your family (10 of Cups)  is a weakness, then it’s a sign that you will protect them. You will use your strengths to protect them and ensure that they are happy.
Card 8 Self image- This is how you see yourself. Whereas card 1 was about your feelings and your current situation, this card is how you view yourself in your current situation.

Card 9 Higher purpose- This is what you were put on this earth to do. This is why you are here. This card may seem vague, but think about the bigger picture. 

Your Higher Purpose can evolve throughout your life. You may be here to work with children. When you’re younger, maybe you babysit for the neighbors, then you become a teacher, and as you get older, you open your own daycare and later in life, you have tons of grand kids that all love being at your house. All of these things are still the same higher purpose, but manifested differently at different times of your life. 







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