How to Align Your Life with the Moon Phases

The Moon is the fastest moving planet in the sky. Every 2.5 days, it changes zodiac sign. There are 4 times in each 28 day cycle that bring more intense energies. If you align your life with the moon and her cycles, you may find that you are able to feel more flow and less struggle. You won’t feel like you’re fighting against the current.

The Moon’s effect on the planet is undeniable. The daily and monthly cycle of the ocean tides can only lead one to think.. if our physical bodies are at least 70% water, how does the Moon affect our bodies? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so drop a comment below.

Below I discuss ways that you can align your weeks with the Moon’s energy to feel more flow. If you want to track the cycle of the Moon, you can grab free my monthly astrology calendar print out here.

New Moon

Align with the New Moon

The New Moon phase is airy. This is when the focus is on regeneration, expansion and growth. Energy is at its height and everything is fresh and new. The moon and the sun are working together to bring in a new cycle. This is the best time to start new projects and new lifestyle changes.

To help manage the heightened energy of the New Moon, fasting or eating lightly on 3 days prior to the New Moon is recommended in Greek Medicine. This will help your body regenerate by allowing it focus on itself and not digesting as much.

You may find yourself being optimistic and having a positive outlook during this week. This is a time for you to seek out beauty in everything. In your love life, you may be feeling more sensual and romantic.

For women whose cycle aligns with the New Moon, you may find that menstruation is excessive. If you want to learn more about aligning your cycle with the Moon, you can read about it here.

First Quarter Moon

Align with the First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter is fiery. This is the most intense time of action. You are feeling super passionate about things and motivated to get shit done. But this is also where you can run into problems between your emotions and your heart. You are likely to take bold actions this week and really feel the pressure to fulfill your goals.

You may find yourself hungrier than usual and looking for intense flavor. You feel like your stomach can handle anything right now. But you also find yourself in the bathroom more.

Headaches and stress may be plaguing you as you try to get things done this week. You may be stressing yourself out as a last horah before the reflective part of the cycle begins.

On a good note, this may be where you have your best ideas. Your brain and imagination are working on high right now. You may be feeling extra confident, borderline aggressive right now too.

how to align with the full moon

Align with the Full Moon

The Full Moon phase is Earthy. It begins the second half of the cycle, bringing things into darkness. You are likely to feel grounded energy moving forward. The intensity of the First Quarter has given you momentum to keep steadily working towards your goals.

The sun and the moon are at odds right now so you may feel more psychic, nervous, tense emotions around the Full Moon. These heightened emotions can leads to stress and emotional eating.  Sleep is the most restless during this phase, so make sure that you are sticking with a solid bedtime routine and getting to bed early.

To help manage the heightened energy of the Full Moon, fasting or eating lightly on 3 days prior to the Full Moon is recommended in Greek Medicine. This will help your body prepare for the heightened energies of the Full Moon and prepare you for the next phase, which is more emotional and reflective.

During the Full moon, you will likely feel more analytical and detail oriented which allows you to be efficient. This is also the phase where reflective thoughts begin and you find yourself being more philosophical. With all of these thoughts and heightened anxiety, you may be more prone to depression and withdrawing from the world. Don’t let your thoughts and emotions get the best of you this week.

last quarter moon phase

Align Your Life with the Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon is Watery. It brings the coldest, darkest and wettest phase of the lunar cycle. This is a time of purification, of release. Take time to get some extra sleep in this phase as it is likely to be very sound and restful. This is also a time of reflection. A time to go inward and take stock of your progress towards your goals and to set new goals. You’re going to find yourself wanting to conserve energy with a calm aura around you.

This is also when you may find yourself wanting to go overboard on the sweets and quick energy foods. Combine those cravings with the slowness of this phase and it’s a recipe for weight gain.  Make sure that you are fueling your body with the appropriate amount of nutrition to prevent cravings and nourish your body.

Mentally you may feel a bit foggy, which can seem annoying, but instead take it as a sign to slow down and cultivate patience.  Try taking a laid back view on life. Time isn’t running out and you will get there when you get there (with good planning of course!) Take this time to reflect and relax. Turn inward and think about where you’ve been and the next steps to take to move forward. The upcoming New Moon phase will bring a fresh start to get moving again.

When you read this, did you find yourself thinking.. yeah I see myself doing that. Or nope- it’s the total opposite for me? When writing this, these were my exact thoughts.

Tell me below how you align with the Moon!

How to Align Your Life with the Moon Phases
How to Align Your Life with the Moon Phases





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