how to cleanse a tarot deck

How to Cleanse a Tarot Deck

Cleansing your tarot deck has become a more and more popular thing. Yes, there are some times where a deck needs a good cleansing, but I’m not sure that it needs one on a scheduled basis. Before I get ahead of myself here.. cleansing a tarot deck is removing the negative energies that are held in the deck. This can be done with scents and smoke, visualization, using the sun or moon or reordering the cards.

how to cleanse a tarot deck

Scents and Smoke

The most talked about way to cleanse a deck is by using sage smudging or palo santo incense. These two scents and their smoke are known to be good at removing negative energy. But some people can’t use this method for one reason or another, be it allergies from the smoke, sensitive fire alarms, or other household members. I have found that using a few drops of essential oils in water in a spray bottle, kind of like you would make if you were making a room spray works very well. A light misting does the trick. 

Essential oils you might want to use:

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This one is simple, yet advanced at the same time. You sit in meditation with the tarot cards in your hand. Hold them in your left hand (receiving hand) and cover them with your right(your active hand). As you sit, visualize white light coming down from above your head and entering your body through the top of you head. Allow this pure, clean light to fill your body, making sure it reaches all of the small dark areas. Once you are full of pure clean energy, visualize this energy coming out of your hand and going into the tarot deck. See the white light pushing out the negative energy that is deep within the deck. There may even be sparks. Once you are satisfied that the deck is clear of negative energy slowly pull the energy back into yourself and Thank the Universe for sharing its energy with you.

This visualization is also a very good way to connect with a new deck as well.

how to cleanse a tarot deck

Sun or Moon Bath for the Tarot Cards

The sun and the moon are both powerful sources of energy. Their light shining down on your tarot deck can cleanse the negative energy away. You can leave the deck on a safe (from pets, children, elements, overwatering the plants, etc.) windowsill overnight. This practice is most commonly used with crystals to recharge them. Using the moon light coming in through your window can clear a tarot deck of negative energy and replace it with cleaner energy.

If you decide to use this method with the sun, please be careful that you do not do this too often as the cards themselves may become damaged and washed out from the sunlight.

Reordering the Deck

This is exactly what it sounds like. When you put the deck back into the order that it came it. Typically this order is Major Arcana (The Fool through The World) then the Minor Arcana. Each suit orders from Ace to King, then placed in the order of Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles and added after the Major Arcana.

Everyone has their own way to cleanse a tarot deck. I urge you to use the above methods as starting points to create your own way. 

Do you have another way to cleanse a deck? Share it below so others have more ideas!

How to Cleanse a Tarot Deck
How to Cleanse a Tarot Deck







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