how to shuffle tarot cards

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Shuffling tarot cards can be whatever you wish it to be. Tarot cards can be just like any other deck of cards, you can shuffle them like you would shuffle poker cards. Or you can be very gentle with the cards. The choice is yours. There is no correct way to shuffle a tarot deck. And as you collect more decks, you may shuffle each deck a slightly different way due to things like size, card thickness, and size of your hands.
As you shuffle, only adjust the cards to make sure that all card backs are facing towards you. If you want to include reversed cards, make sure that you choose a method that changes the directions of the cards.

You can follow the directions below or check out the video where I show you each method.

Poke and Pull

Take your deck and hold it in one of your hands. With a single finger on the other hand, poke a small pile of cards until they begin to come out the other side of the deck. With your poking hand, grab this small pile and place it on the top or bottom of the deck. Repeat until you feel the deck is shuffled. 

Cutting the Cards

Place the deck on a table and with your non-dominant hand, cut the deck into three or four piles. Reassemble randomly. This can be repeated or not. This is a method that I like to do after I have shuffled them using another method.

Table Lines

Place the deck down on a table and slowly push the deck to one side, leaving a trail of cards. You can do this until you complete a circle, or stop at a random point and start over again, on top of the previous line. Create however many lines you wish. When reassembling the deck, random grab stacks from your lines and place in a random order. You can also spin the cards around when you do your line to incorporate reversed cards into your deck, or when you reassemble, change up the direction of a few handfuls.

The Mixer

So because this way is a little more fun, I felt it needed a fun name. In this method, it’s similar to how children shuffle, but just because kids do it, doesn’t mean you can’t. I like to use this method to give my deck a really good shuffle and mix. This works especially well for new decks or after you have put your deck back into it’s standard order.
To do this method, you fan out your card on the table, like in the above method. Then you just push them around on the table. I like to grab a handful and place it on top and then continue to push them around. Continue mixing until you feel they are mixed, then randomly reassemble.

The Hindu Shuffle

This is similar to the poker shuffle below, but simpler. Place the deck in your non-dominant hand, palm up. With your dominant hand, grab a small section of cards and pull them free of the pile. Hold them in the palm of your dominant hand. Once you have grasp on the first pile, grab a second pile and continue to process until the pile has full switched hands.

The Poker Shuffle

This is a little hard to explain, so bear with me. You take the deck hold it by the top and bottom edges. The edge of one of the sides, rests in your non-dominant hand. You then take approximately half the cards that you are holding with your dominant hand from the back of the pile, and put them in the front of the pile. Repeat until you feel the cards are shuffled.

The Riffle

This is probably the most debated method for shuffling tarot cards because to do this method, you are bending the cards, and can potentially damage the cards. 

Take the tarot deck and split it in two piles. Grab a pile with each hand, placing your thumb on the top edge and your middle and ring fingers on the bottom edge. Your index finger can hover over the middle for support. Gentle bend each half with your hands, pushing down with your index finger and pulling up with your thumb and middle and ring fingers. The bend should go inwards, so that your index finger extends towards the middle of the deck, but does not fully extend. Face your thumbs and the two piles towards each other and slowly release the cards, so that they alternate and stack on top of each other.

Whichever method(s) that you choose are up to you. There are no “correct” way to shuffle tarot cards, and if someone tells you there is, they’re full of bologna. 

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards
How to Shuffle Tarot Cards






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