How to Tap into the Divine Feminine Within You

Inside each and every one of us there are two energies, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, yin and yang, which balance each other.

One without the other would lead to an extremely unbalanced person. Someone who is either too aggressive, or just gets walked all over. Neither extreme can say they’re truly happy.

Don’t let the word “Divine” push you away. The idea is that we all are a part of Divinity, whatever that means to you.

The recent slow down of the world has led a lot of people to connect more with their lives and emotions in a way that they may never have been able to.

Spending more time with family. Less worry about day to day tasks and mindless routines. More feeling, more flow, more relaxing and just letting be.

People are connecting with their feminine energies and balancing the dominating masculine energies that typically run our lives.

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, the balance is shifting yet again back to more masculine energies of action and competition.

So how do we continue to tap into the feminine energies and stay balanced in this masculine world?

We make mindful decisions to do things that make us feel more feminine, which raises our feminine energies.

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Ways to Raise Your Divine Feminine Energy

Feminine energy used to run the world in the Age of Isis, where matrilineal and polytheistic societies were the norm and the earth was worshipped. Woman was also worshipped for the mysteries of the ability to bring life into the world. This was the Age of the Great Goddess (2400 BCE- 500 BCE).

age of horus, isis and osiris egyptian tomb

Now that we have moved from the patriarchal and monotheistic Age of Osiris (500 BCE- 1904 CE) and into the Age of Horus, the Child (1904- present) we are learning to assimilate both the mother and the father (Isis and Osiris). How we choose to go about this is up to each of us as an individual.

Spend Time Outside

The easiest and simplest way to connect with your feminine energies is to get outside and connect with Mother Earth. You can do this by taking a walk, sitting in a park, checking out some nature trails in your area.

My favorite way to connect with the divine feminine energy within me is gardening. Not only do I get to spend time in in mother nature, but I also get to nurture and nourish (plant ) life and encourage growth. These are all feminine qualities that get me in touch with my feminine energy.


Expressing yourself in a creative way is inherently feminine. You are giving birth to ideas, and creating something from nothing. I’m not saying that you need to find a creative hobby if you don’t have one. Any way that you wish to bring something into the world that you have created in your mind will work. Check out some of the ideas below and see how many you already do.

  • Dancing- free flowing and just feeling the music and moving your body how it wishes to move with the rhythm.
  • Art- whether you are an artist or not, you can still enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting etc. Digital art works here too. Think about all the coloring apps you have seen. Maybe you even have a drawing app on your tablet.
  • Music- create some music. It doesn’t have to be with a typical instrument. Think out of the box. Singing bowls, wine glasses, etc.
  • Prose- writing is another way that you can bring your ideas into the world. Journaling your emotions, writing fiction (I would avoid non-fiction. It’s too structured), writing poetry. All of these are ways that you can express yourself on paper (or screen).
  • Decorating your home
  • Cooking up something tasty. Maybe even trying a new recipe.

Journaling with Emotion

Journaling about your emotions and your intuition is a great way to get in touch with the deep feminine energy within you. When you are pouring your soul onto a piece of paper, you are letting the energy fill you and overflow out of you.

Bask in the way that this makes you feel. Remember this when you need to tap into your emotions. But also learn how to work with your emotions instead of trying to repress and ignore them.

how to connect with the divine feminine energy within you

Make Yourself Feel Divine

When you want to feel amazing and sexy as hell, we all have our go to things. If your thing still feel amazing, go do it. If it doesn’t, try something new.

  • Pamper the crap out of yourself. Take some time to really luxuriate in the tub, going all out with flowers, salts, candles, music, etc. Really create the atmosphere of beauty.
  • Take care of yourself (ahem..*cough*cough*). You get my drift. Make yourself feel loved by you. Take your time and really enjoy it. There’s no rush or urgency.
  • Get all dressed up. Even if you have nowhere to go. Put on that super sexy underwear and your little black dress. Do you hair and your makeup and take yourself out on a date (even if it’s to the couch).

Meditate on a Goddess

Meditation is a great way to tap into your emotions and really get in touch with your divine feminine.

The goddess that I like to meditate on is Aphrodite. She’s the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. She is also the patron goddess of my moon sign, Taurus, and my rising sign, Libra.

My connection with her gets very personal at times, but meditating on embodying her energy really helps me connect to the more feminine side of me.

womb energy

Feel from your Womb

The womb is the giver of life. The part of us that makes us a woman. When you meditate, focus on the womb area. This is the same area as your sacral chakra. Feel this energy envelope you as you sit calmly and just feel. Try tapping into this feeling as much as you can throughout the day.

These are just some of the ways in which you can tap into the Divine Feminine energy that is already inside of you. If you have a way that you love, share it down below.

If you’re still not really sure where to start, pick an activity from above and just do it. But do it with feeling and intention. If you mindlessly go through the motions, there is really no energy at all in what you are doing.

Energy flows where your focus goes.



How to Tap into the Divine Feminine Within You
How to Tap into the Divine Feminine Within You






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