There are unicorns everywhere now a days. Unicorn poop (cotton candy), unicorn glitter, unicorn superfoods.. you name it, someone has made a unicorn version.

History of Unicorns

Unicorns have been sought after for centuries for their mystical powers. Throughout different cultures, the Unicorn was called different names and given different magical powers. Unicorns may be the only mythical creature that is not based on human fears.

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In Asia, the unicorn was called the qilin. This creature has the properties of a unicorn as well as a chimera. They are said to be able to walk on the grass and not disturb a single blade, to be good judges of character, as well as being seen a symbol of fertility.

In Africa, the Ababda is about the size of a donkey and has the tail of a boar. It is said to have 2 horns instead of the single horn most unicorns are named for, but this animal is still given magical properties such as the horn being the antidote to many poisons.

In South America, Chile specifically, the unicorn is called a camahueto. It is similar in shape to a calf or a bull, but only has one single horn. The horn is sought after by medicine men and women for use in healing remedies. The horns are removed from the animal without killing it and then a piece of the horn is planted in the ground for a new camahueto to grow from.

The Greeks believed that the unicorn was a magical creature that lived in India, because they saw India as being magical land that was far away.

We get most of our current day imagery from the European version of the unicorn. A magical white horse or goat like creature with a single horn. It was often thought to be a majestic woodland creature with cloven hooves. The magical powers of the unicorn included curing many sickness, ability to purify water, and the antidote for poisons. The unicorn was seen as the image of purity and innocence.


Unicorns were fabled to be trapped by having a virgin maiden wait under a tree for a unicorn to come galloping by. The unicorn would not be able to resist the maiden and would come and lay it’s head in her lap to sleep. Once asleep, hunters would be able to capture the creature.

With the rise of Christianity in Europe, the Christian church began to relate the unicorn to the Incarnation of Christ.  Going off of the idea that unicorns can not resist virgins, the Virgin Mary was depicted as the maiden and the unicorn laying his head in her lap – close to the womb- was seen as the process that impregnated her.

A second interpretation from the church was that of the Passion of Christ. The unicorn being all that is good was portrayed as Christ himself, easily able to escape the sinners that are the hunters, with their bad deeds slowing them down. The unicorn wants to save the pure of heart- the virgin maiden- and would lay down with her, ultimately sacrificing himself to the hunters. This interpretation can be seen in the tapestry ‘The Hunt of the Unicorn’.

Unicorn Symbolism

Unicorns can symbolism innocence, feminine energy and magic. Let’s break each one of these down a little bit.


As I mentioned above, only a virgin was said to be able to capture a unicorn. This lends credence to its purity and innocence. It has not been touched by the negativity that is in the world. The unicorn has divine power that nurtures all living things until they become tainted by that which is evil. Those who are pure of heart have still been said to capture unicorns as they have not had their inner vision clouded by worldly pursuits.

Feminine Energy

Unicorns are magical, mystical creatures that seem to be good judges of character – intuitive almost. This type of energy is linked to the divine feminine and also to the moon itself.  The energy of the unicorn is yin energy and can be seen as a archetype for women.

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Unicorns are magical, enchanting, mystical beings that only appear to those who are pure of heart. They symbolism miracles – like curing sickness- and can sometimes bestow hidden wisdom to those they appear to.

In today’s culture, unicorns are associated with childlike imagination and wonder. The mystical, magical powers of the unicorn capture the imagination of many children.

The wonder has also begun to spread to adults who are using the colors associated with unicorns in everything- from hair colors to food designs. This helps to bring some wonder and magic into everyday life.

To me- the unicorn symbolizes uniqueness. Unicorns are magical and mystical, but it is all about getting back to who you really are deep down inside- your true astrological moon sign. The little child that lives inside you, but gets pushed into the corner because.. adult things need to be done and you can’t be happy about them. So bring out your inner unicorn in your magic and really show up as who you are inside- not what you’re told to be and your magic will be that much stronger.

How to Use Unicorns in Magic

Magic can be many things, and include a wide array of tools. Some of my favorite tools that I use for magic is visualization and mediation. They’re not only cheap- they’re free- and the power of the mind is our greatest power- if we can harness it.

To use Unicorns in your magic practice, you can invite them into your ritual to bring in innocence and purity or to enhance your power. They are said to be very powerful beings after all.

You may end up having a unicorn as your spirit guide- wouldn’t that be cool? To have such a majestic creature assisting you in your life. Spirit guide can be powerful allies when you listen to them. But you need to be able to stop and listen to them. They are there to assist you with what you need help with in your life right now, so stop and listen.

I like to keep a crystal unicorn on my altar so that it reminds me to be myself and that I am magical without anything else. You don’t need all of the fancy tools and crystals and herbs that you see on Instagram. You only need your mind. When you can master your mind, then you will be able to be free to create your life.

How to Use Unicorns in Your Magic

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