Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Upright Keywords: equilibrium, fairness, equity, legality, legal matters, impartiality, business contracts, balance, fairness, wisdom, justice, truth, cause and effect

Reversed Keywords: prejudice, bias, chauvinism, injustice, unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

A man sits on a throng in front of a purple curtain. Purple is the color of secrets and hidden knowledge. He wears a red robe, the color of authority and structure. He holds an upright sword in one hand symbolizing truth. In the other hand he hold a scale, the symbol of Libra. He uses truth to weigh the actions and come to a fair decision. He is impartial to the outcome. There is a yellow sky behind the curtain, the color of happiness.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice is about finding balance between two things that are not easily put into balance. You have the ability to bring logic and intuition together to create a balanced response in things.

Justice can also mean that you need to take a hard look at your actions and be accountable for them. You may be being called out to step up and take responsibility for something that you have done. Know that the response will be fair and impartial.

If you are part of a legal matter, from the courts or an institution, know that a ruling is coming shortly. You must accept this ruling and move on. Dwelling on the ruling will lead you to become out of balance. The ruling will be fair and impartial, based solely on the fact presented.

In addition, you may be being called to make a life altering decision that will affect your well being and others. Make sure that you are listening to your inner guidance for the answer and that you will be okay with the consequences of the decision.

Justice Reversed Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Justice Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You may have done something that you are not taking responsibility for and are hiding it from others. you have the choice now to let people know and own up, or you can continue hiding it and try to make up for what you have done before they find out. You may be feeling like you can blame this on others, but know that it will not turn out well for you.

Look inside you and find out why you feel the need to be dishonest with yourself and with others. Once you are able to be honest with yourself, it’s time to take action and make things right.

In addition, the reversed Justice card may mean that you inner critic is getting the best of you and that you are holding onto prejudice. Take some time to look inside and find a way to come from a place of self love and compassion for yourself and others.

In legal matters, you may feel the outcome is going to be unfair. Sometimes it can be that there is a delay in the ruling of the matter and that something is keeping justice from being served.


Astrological: Libra, Venus
Gemstones: Chrysolite, Emerald, Green Tourmaline

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