King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Upright Keywords: Natural-born leader, grand visions, long-term success, capable, enthusiastic, motivational, entrepreneurial, influential, charismatic

Reversed Keywords: Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectations, poor leadership, aggressive goals, high expectations, personal direction, cruel, ill natured, intolerant, unfriendly

The King of Wands sits on a golden throne in a barren landscape There are salamanders around as well as on his cape and throne. They have finally achieved the goal of biting their tail, which signifies completion. He looks toward the future, not towards the other cards in the deck. He seems to be wanting to move, to get up, to do something.

King of Wands

King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Wands is a leader who is more interested in coming up with an idea and getting others to help him actualize it. He is someone who wants to get everyone working towards a common goal. This King will not be sitting back and watching you do the work, he will be in the trenches with you, getting shit done.

He is very charismatic and determined, which really helps him enlist others to help him manifest his ideas. The people who help him not only help him because they like him, but because they can get behind what he is talking about and make it their own.

The King of Wands tells you to go through life with intent and a vision of the future. Keep a long term view of what you want in mind to keep you going. You have more maturity than the Knight of Wands, who is impatient and rushing through things. This means that you are more likely to see things through to the end.

You’re inspired by lasting success and making an impact on the world. You want to leave a legacy and aren’t afraid of doing the work to get there.

When this King shows up in your reading, it could symbolize an opportunity for your to take charge. Step into the power that you have inside of you and manifest your dreams. Become a leader and attract others to you to help you achieve your goals. Be clear on your intentions and your vision and others will surely get behind you.

As a Person:

Appearance wise, this King has red-gold hair and gray or hazel eyes. He is most likely a mature man (40+) or married. 

The King of Wands is confident, and sociable, typically someone who is the “leader” of the group. He is very passionate about everything that he does and it makes him stand out from the crowd a bit. He is confident in his looks and style, but keeps it to himself. His ego doesn’t need the boost to what he already knows. He is typically surrounded by people who are similar in motivation. They’re typically all super motivated, determined, charismatic, and high achievers.

He is likely to be an entrepreneur, creating his own wealth in a sustainable way. He easily manifests his ideas and can turn them into something amazing that others flock to.

Reversed King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Wands reversed can indicate that you may be stepping into a leadership role that you are not yet ready for. You’ve got the charisma, the determination, and the vision, but you’re not comfortable in a leadership position. If you are put in this role before you are ready and without help, you may find yourself being more of a manager than a leader. A manager will assign tasks and making sure everyone gets things done. A leader will communicate a clear vision and engage the group in taking responsibility for bringing it to life. Not realizing this difference, you might find yourself feeling like you are the only one who can bring this idea to life, even if you have a team around you.

This can lead you to be a bit arrogant in your abilities. Don’t take other’s for granted or alienate people who are trying to help you. Be a team player, not a toxic player. Just because you’re the leader, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a douchebag and treat other’s like crap.

You might be finding yourself setting expectations that are too high and end up failing. These goals will lead you to feel like you can’t achieve things, but in reality, you bit off more than you could chew with the first bite. Try breaking the goal down into smaller parts and work at the goal that way. Don’t get swept away in other people’s dreams, or get rich quick schemes. This can also show up as being impulsive and jumping on what ever bandwagon strikes your fancy first, without fully thinking things through. You have the ability to do shit yourself, you just have to put in the effort and the planning to do it.

When this card shows up in a reading, it could symbolize someone with authority that you may be butting heads with. This could lead to a negative, tense and conflicting relationship between you and this person.

Time Period: March 11- April 9; 3rd decan of Pisces to the 2nd decan of Aries




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