Libra full moon

Tarot Spread for the Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon will occur on April 16, 2022. The Libra New Moon will be on September 25, 2022.

Libra is all about finding balance. It’s represented by the scales after all. But in addition to balance, the ruler of Libra, Venus, also sheds some light on other areas that we can be looking at like beauty, luxury, relationships (romantic and otherwise).

When we combine this energy with the energy of a Full Moon, we’re able to really tap into our ability to find beauty in the world. We can see the beauty in our life, that we’ve created.

The Full Moon is a time when your efforts are starting to bear fruit. You’re seeing the initial results of your work. But this is also a turning point too.

Your power and energy are at their peak. How will you use this energy to further your #goals?

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Below is a tarot spread for the Full Moon in Libra which I hope that you will use to help figure out where you are right now and how you can best move forward.

Feel free to pull some extra cards for each position if you feel you need more clarification.

Libra Full Moon Spread
Libra Full Moon Tarot Card Placements

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Tarot Spread for the Libra Full Moon
Tarot Spread for the Libra Full Moon
Tarot Spread for the Libra Full Moon



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