Love Ritual

Love spells are a common request for all witches. It is the most commonly searched for spell on Etsy, so I went ahead and created  a quick and easy love spell for you to use when you feel the need.
Love spells are not made to control other people and make them love you. Every single person has free will. Love spells create the energy and thought patterns in your mind that will attract love to you.
Spells and rituals are similar to the law of attraction where the energy that you put out becomes the type of energy that you attract. If you are putting out loving, kind energy, that it the energy that you will attract. Similarly, if you are always negative and thinking that you will never find love, or find a person who can love you, that will become the energy that the Universe picks up on and gives to you.
This ritual is about creating the right mindset to attract love into your life.
Before you begin the ritual, there is some prep that you need to do. First you need to make sure that you have the ingredients. You will need rose petals, rose quartz, and rose essential oil. If you don’t have these, I have linked to some on Amazon that you can get pretty quickly and easily. Roses have long symbolized love and passion, which is why they are a staple in this ritual. If you have access to fresh roses in your garden, or you prefer to buy local they will work as well.
Second, sit down and really think about the qualities that you want in a mate. Don’t think of a specific person, think of the type of person that you would want. For example, kind, generous, enjoys gaming, tolerant, outgoing, etc. This will help you during the ritual.

Ritual to Attract Love:

Place the stone in the top of the warmer.
Pour oil on top of the stone in the warmer.
Light the candle.
While the candle is burning, take a relaxing bath with the rose petals in the water and think about the qualities and traits that you desire in a partner and the traits that a partner would desire in you.
For the next 2 nights, light the candle and meditate on the qualities that you desire in a partner.
WARNING: Do not think of a specific person, you may use traits of a specific person, but every person has free will, which should not be taken away.
Once the spell is complete, and the oils have burned. Take the rose quartz out of the warmer and carry it with you.
Please realize that the outcome of the ritual is not guaranteed in any time frame. The energy that you put into the ritual will be the energy that you get out. Once the ritual is complete, don’t focus on the fact that it hasn’t worked yet. As I mentioned above, the types of thoughts that you put out there and continue to think are what the Universe will deliver. Know that you have done the ritual and that the Universe will guide the right person to you at the right moment. There may be things that either of you need to complete in life in order for the relationship to work, so give things time.
Love Ritual






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