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Choices and Addictions Tarot Card Pattern

Here is my personal interpretation of the Tarot Birth Card Theme of The Lovers and how it relates to Choices and addictions. If you have come across this page and you haven’t learned what your tarot birth cards are and how it relates to this pattern, head over to the main post on In Depth Tarot Birth Cards.

Tarot Card Pattern: The Lovers

Theme: Choices and Addictions

lover tarot card

Key 6: The Lovers: passion, choices, union

the devil tarot card

Key 15: The Devil: desire, addiction, materialistic

How the Pattern is Found

The tarot keys that are included in the Pattern of The Lovers. Each of these cards can be broken down to a single prime number of 6, which relates it back to The Lovers.

 The Devil: Key 15

15= 1+5=6


Each choice that is made in life creates a new path. As we create new paths for ourselves through our choices, we realize that some of our paths return us to choices we have made before. To put it another way, the choice we chose created a loop. Certainly if we continue to choose the same option, we will remain stuck in this loop. It is a loop of safety, of stability. But in reality, we are trapping ourselves due to fear. When you look at The Devil card, you notice that in almost every deck, there is someone who is trapped, caged, or chained.

When these are your birth cards, you find yourself having to make a lot of choices that can either trap you in your current situation or show you the passion and love in the world. But the choice is never that easy. You don’t know which choice will lead you down a path where you become trapped by your own desires, or where you are free to experience all of the love and freedom that the world has to offer.

You are a very passionate person but you find it easy to fall into obsession and addictions. When you are able to get a handle on one thing, another one always shows up. But this is not always a bad thing. It shows that you are able to appreciate the pleasures that this life has to offer you. You feel a deep connection with those around you and although you may be a bit materialistic, you make sure that you are appreciative of what you have and don’t hoard things just to have them. You enjoy sharing the things that you have with others and creating connections with other people who share similar interests.





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