Initiation and manifestation

Initiation and Manifestation Tarot Birth Card Pattern

Here is my personal interpretation of the Tarot Birth Card Theme of The Magician and how it relates to Initiation and Manifestation. If you have come across this page and you haven’t learned what your tarot birth cards are and how it relates to this pattern, head over to the main post on In Depth Tarot Birth Cards.

Tarot Card Pattern: The Magician

Theme: Initiation and Manifestation

The Magician tarot card
Key 1: The Magician

Key 1: The Magician: originality, the first manifestation

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card
Key 10: The Wheel of Fortune

Key 10: The Wheel of Fortune: beginning and ending of cycles, change

the sun tarot card
Key 19: The Sun

Key 19: The Sun: happiness, celebration, enlightenment

How the Pattern is Found

The tarot keys that are included in the Pattern of The Magician. Each of these cards can be broken down to a single prime number of 1, which relates it back to The Magician.

 The Wheel of Fortune: Key 10

10= 1+0=1

The Sun: Key 19




The Magician brings the initial energy of manifestation to the world. He is the first to create something from the nothing that is The Fool. But when the energy of The Fool gets to the Wheel of Fortune, it’s time to begin to change the focus. We first focused on the physical, now we are moving forward to focus on the spiritual. This symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. There is change that is happening. When the energy of The Fool gets to Key 19: The Sun, there is knowledge that has been gained. You have been enlightened.

As we move through life, the energy of initiation and manifestation show up for us. When these are your birth cards, they symbolize a person who is always ready to start something new. You are able to move from one thing to another with dragging your feet. You celebrate the small wins as they come and you are always looking to find the bright side of things. There is always something to learn from every situation and there is always a silver lining. You are a creator, whether you are creating physical items or mental thoughts and ideas, you enjoy the art of creating things from what is available to you. You are like a MacGyver, always able to use what you have in front of you at that moment to help you achieve your goals.





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