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How to Manifest Your Best Self : A Tarot Spread

Tarot can be used to help you connect with yourself, the self that is hidden away from other people for fear of not fitting in, not being liked being too much {something}. It’s also the self that speaks to us through our intuition. When we use tarot cards, we are connecting with our higher self, our unconscious self. This self is more of who we are than the self that we show the world. More than the self that we show ourselves.

We all want to build out best life possible. Using tarot as a guide to your unconscious mind can help you unlock your potential and see what you were meant to be.

It can help you get in tune with your best Self and guide you to becoming that person.

There will always be roadblocks or challenges along the way, but when you have something like tarot to guide you and show you the things that you may not feel like owning up to, you got this!

Use this spread to help guide you towards your best self. And don’t forget to share this spread with others so that we can all become our best selves!

Pro Tip: Make sure that when you do this spread you are using a deck that you really connect with and that speaks to you.

How to Manifest Your Best Self Tarot Spread

Manifesting Your Best Self Tarot Spread

Card 1: Current State

This is where you currently sit in your journey, the energies that you embody or how you are acting.

Card 2: Blocks

What are you doing that is blocking you from becoming your highest self? What limiting beliefs or challenges are in the way currently?

Card 3: Overcoming Blocks

What can you do to overcome the blocks that are in your way? What do you need to work on?

Card 4: New Energy

Energy is always flowing and once you get rid of your blockages, what new energy will come into your life that will allow you to work towards becoming your best self?

Card 5: Step 1

How can you take this new energy and implement it into your life? What is the first step to using this new energy?

Card 6: Step 2

What is the second step that you need to take? How much further can you go to embodying your highest self?

Card 7: Best Self

This is the energy that you will embody when you are your highest self. This may change depending on where you are at in your journey.  Becoming your best self is not a one time thing, it is ever evolving and so too will this card. This is the Best Self that you need to work on becoming now.

Tell me if you tried this spread and your thoughts! I love finding new ways to connect with the cards and learning from them.

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How to Manifest Your Best Self : A Tarot SpreadHow to Manifest Your Best Self : A Tarot SpreadHow to Manifest Your Best Self : A Tarot SpreadHow to Manifest Your Best Self : A Tarot Spread



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