How to Read Your Birth Chart with Tarot Cards

We have previously discussed using your zodiac sign and parts of your astrology natal chart to help discover more about yourself by connecting them with tarot cards. If you missed those posts, go check them out at these links:

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In linking tarot and astrology, you should have found your natal birth chart online with all of your planetary placements. If not, head over to Café Astrology or google free natal birth charts to get a copy. You will need you birth time and location for the greatest accuracy.

Once you have your birth chart, grab your tarot deck. This is an in depth spread to look at your natal chart using the tarot cards.

This works great for people who are not super familiar with astrology, but know tarot better.

Preliminary Work

In order to make this spread easier for you, you will need to grab the worksheets below and 6 sticks or dividers of sorts. They should be about 3 feet long, so string or yarn may be your best bet. You could even use Christmas ribbon if you can get it to lay flat. If you find that you only have access to shorter dividers, then you can use 12 of them. These dividers will be the design of the tarot spread layout, where you lay your cards. The layout is shown below.

Step 1: Fill out the worksheets. These will make it easier for you to lay out the cards in the correct pattern without having to go back and forth for each card.

[BTEN id = “6448”]

Step 2: Create the horoscope wheel like the one below and lay out the tarot cards according to your worksheets. When laying out the cards in their Houses, House 1 is always your ascendant (ASC or rising) sign. From there, you number the houses in numerical order clockwise around the wheel.

TIP: In the picture above, I used red christmas ribbon, which I straightened the best that I could using my fingernail. I used the same method that my mom taught me to run my fingernail along the ribbon to make it curl, but I pulled it straight instead. When it still wouldn’t lay perfectly stright, I used stones and crystals that I had on the ends to hold them down. The Amethyst in the middle is to hold everything in place. 

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Going In depth

When you look at the wheel you have created in front of you, there are a few different types of cards:

  • Planetary cards tell you how the energy manifests
  • Zodiac signs tell you how those energies show up and behave
  • Houses which tell you where in your life those energies appear.

In doing this spread I like to take each chart separately and then as a whole. It seems to make it a little less confusing. The cards that you will lay out are from Table 1: The Zodiac Cards.

The Zodiac Cards

The cards that are represented by the signs of the zodiac tell you how the energies of the planetary cards manifest. At the same time, when combined with the House, they can tell you about how the archetype of the associated tarot card is expressed in your life.

These cards will tell you that the energy of the tarot card represented by the sign (i.e The Emperor is represented by Aries) shows up in the House part of your life. For example, my Emperor (Aries) is in House 7, which is represented by Justice and corresponds to partnerships, legal matters, and cooperation. This can be read in a few different ways:

  • My Emperor energy shows up in the Justice aspects of my life
  • I enjoy being in control in areas of my life relating to partnerships and cooperation
  • I require stability in legal matters and partnerships.

Table 1: The Zodiac Cards (my chart)

Zodiac SignTarot CardCusp of House #

Once you have gone through the zodiac signs in the houses, it’s time to add your planets.

blue and white milky way
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The Planetary Cards

The planetary cards tell you how the energy of the zodiac sign manifests in your life. In the example below, my sun is in leo which corresponds to the Sun card. The Sun is about happiness, originality and success. It’s about being in the spotlight and being noticed. These are things that people also associate with the Leo Sun Sign.

Table 2: Planetary Cards (my chart)

PlanetTarot CardZodiac Sign Planet is inHouse # of Planet
MoonHigh PriestessTaurus8
JupiterWheel of FortuneGemini9
NeptuneHanged ManCapricorn4

Combine the following cards for your interpretation:

  1. The tarot card of the planet in Table 2
  2. The tarot card that represents the zodiac sign the planet is in (Table 2 for zodiac sign of the planet and Table 1 for the tarot card that represents the zodiac sign)
  3. The tarot card that represents the house the planet is in from Table 3 (below)

An example: My moon is in Taurus in the 8th House. My High Priestess (moon) is in the Hierophant (Taurus) in the 8th house (Death). This can be read a few different ways:

  • My HP shows up as a teacher (Hierophant) in transformational areas (Death) of my life
  • I follow my intuition (HP) when things change (Death) because it allows me to learn the lesson that I need to learn (Hierophant)

The Houses

The houses tell you in what parts of your life energies of the zodiac cards and the planetary cards show up. Each house is represented by a separate tarot card. The meanings for the houses below are the astrological associations of the houses. If you would prefer, you can use keywords and associations that you have created for the Major Arcana card associated with the house number. So instead of using the meaning of House 1 given below, you would use the association that you have created with the Emperor through personal experience.

House #Corresponding Tarot CardMeaning
1EmperorPersonality, behavior, impression we make on the world, what you want in life and how you achieve it
2HierophantHow we attain money, possessions, and the work associated with it; attachment to those things we have
3LoversCommunication, how we learn, your ties to your family, short travel, early education received
4ChariotHome life, relationship with parents, ancestral baggage, housing, the later years of your life
5StrengthCreativity and sex, pleasure, children and the joy of having kids, entertainment, holidays, and the arts, things which you give affection
6HermitService and health, your need to help others, relationship with coworkers and employers, state of your health and illness
7JusticePartnership and marriage, type of marriage, type of business, legal, political relationships, legal contracts, ability to work with others, blending personality to pursue shared goals
8DeathDeath and regeneration, spiritual transformation, legacies after death, inheritance, psychic powers, and occult studies/knowledge
9TemperanceMental Exploration and Long-distance travel, study, higher mind (higher education, philosophy, in depth study), public expression of ideas
10DevilCareer and public standing, status in community, reputation, ambition, aspirations, attainment, achievement, expression of talents, how you accept responsibility
11StarFriends and hopes, long term dreams and goals, intellectual pleasures, involvement with clubs or organizations, types of friends and acquaintances to help further your goals in life, ability to enjoy others company, idealism, vision
12MoonSecrets, sorrows, self-undoing, limitations placed on the self, disappointments, accidents, trouble, self-defeat. House of Karma, spiritual debt, psychic powers, and the ability to discover the meaning of life

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Extra Depth- Aspects

To bring even more depth to this spread, you can add in aspects. Aspects are mathematical relationships between the planets. The horoscope wheel has 360°, and each of the 12 zodiac signs takes up 30° of that circle. In your natal chart, your planets positions are given in degrees, minutes, seconds. In my chart, I have my Sun in Leo at 2°38’ (2 degrees, 38 minutes, no seconds). An aspect is how many degrees apart any 2 two, three or four planets are.

The aspects that are most important to us are conjunction, opposition, square, and trine. Although there are 9 total aspects, these 4 are the most impactful on our lives. Don’t worry if you get all glassy eyed over the math parts, I don’t blame you. But I wanted to include it for reference for anyone who is interested.


Conjunction is when two planets are in the same degree (or within 10°) of each other in the same sign. This is the most powerful aspect in astrology. The two planets that are conjunct one another will blend their meanings. They will work together and intensify each other. Kind of like a super boost.


When you have two planets that are on opposite sides of the chart, you have an opposition. Oppositions can occur when the planets are within 9° of 180° of each other. That sounds confusing I know. But hear me out.. my Moon is in opposition with Pluto. My Moon is in Taurus (3°27’) and Pluto is in Scorpio (12°23’). If you look at my natal chart, you will see that they are on opposite sides of the circle. This alone does not make it an opposition, you need to add in the 9 degrees of each other. 12°Scorpio -3°Taurus =9°, which creates the opposition. If you have 2 planets that are on opposite sides of your chart or within 171° to 189° of each other on the circle, they’re in opposition.

I find it easiest to look at your birth chart image and see if you have any planetary cards that can create a straight line between each other.

Planets that are in opposition, are exactly how it sounds, they don’t get along. They strain, separate and fight. They can represents places where you can have growth and achievement.


A Square only involves 2 planets. When there are 2 planets that are 90° apart, they create a Square (or visually, a right triangle). Again, there is some wiggle room on the 90°apart, you can have 9° on either side of 90°, so two planets that are somewhere between 81° or 99° apart.

Squares represent challenges and stress. But at the same time the obstacles that it may create are lessons for you. It can show you where you will overcome difficult things that will develop your character.


Last, but not least, we have the trine. When two planets are trined, they are 120° apart from one another. (With the 9° wiggle room). When looking at your spread, picture a triangle with equal sides. Do any of your cards line up with the points of your imaginary triangle? These cards would be in trine with each other.

A trine represents the most harmonious of times. This means that things come easy for you. But beware if you find you have a lot of trines, you can get lazy and feel you don’t have to work for things.


I hope that you have enjoyed this series and that it has helped you learn a little more about yourself and your place in this world. If you have found this helpful, please share this with others so that they can learn a little more about themselves and their place in this world. While writing this series, I found that astrology and tarot combined has so much information to offer you, if you are willing to sit and listen. Letting your intuition guide you through these exercises can give you further guidance than what the books have to offer. No one knows who you are better than your highest self. 

How to Read Your Birth Chart with Tarot Cards






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