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New Moon Manifestation Ritual

If you’ve scrolled through social media lately, you’ve probably seen someone talking about the moon. One of the great things about the moon, is that the energy of the moon is easy to tap into. This is a New Moon Manifestation Ritual that I came up with to harness the power of this monthly cycle in addition to the power that is already within us.

Power? What Power?

In order to manifest what we want, we need to be clear on where the power is coming from.

After all, some of the things that we want to manifest are pretty damned hefty. #amiright?

The power that we use to manifest is the same power that we use to do anything. It is the power that is within us. The power that most of us don’t ever tap into for fear of actually having what we want ( self- sabotage anyone?).

When we begin to accept that all of the power that we need is already within us, we first need to blast through the limiting beliefs that are keeping us from this power.

The easiest way to defeat a limiting belief is to confront it head on. To tap into our power, we need to believe that we have this power. And not just “yeah, I guess I can believe it”.

Don’t half ass this. You really have to believe that you have this power in you. Believe it so deeply that you can stand there without a doubt and tell someone that you have the power you need inside of you already.

In order to do a thing, we must believe in the possibility of our doing, and this faith must forthwith be translated into acts. When a child says: ” I cannot”, his mother answers “try”. Faith does not even try; it begins with the certitude of completing, and it proceeds calmly, as is omnipotence were at it’s disposal and eternity before it.

Eliphas Levi

I love this quote from Eliphas Levi because it really drills home a few points:

  1. We have to believe that what we want is possible
  2. We have to act on this belief
  3. We have the power to manifest what we want, no matter how big
  4. We have all the time in the world to manifest what we want.

When we can take these four points to heart and really vibe with them, we can begin our journey to manifest what we want.

Believe that you can achieve anything with this New Moon Manifestation ritual

Do You Really Want It?

The steps that I have listed out below will help you MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT. But you have to want it.

There is power in knowledge and knowing. When you have the ability to define what it is that you desire with such accuracy that you can’t tell reality from dream, that is knowing. It’s having all the steps worked out. But it’s also knowing that you have to focus on each step individually in order to accomplish a larger goal.

The first step to manifest what you want is simple. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Be clear, specific and concise.

You are telling the Universe what you want and if you aren’t specific and leave things open to interpretation, you may find yourself in a hole lotta suck. So don’t be vague.

Vague: I want to be rich.

Specific: I want to make $5000 a month reading tarot.

That’s a big difference. One excludes sugar daddies. Unless that’s what you want. Then get after that shit!

Oh, and don’t think about skipping this step because it’s seems kinda lame and meh. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t decide on somewhere to go. You’ll end up wasting your time and spinning your wheels.

A clear mental image tends to materialize itself as an actual condition or event.

Paul Foster Case

In order to boost the energy levels of this New Moon manifestation ritual, we are going to use the energy of the New Moon.

New Moon’s are all about setting intentions, going deep and getting in touch with your emotional self. I like to think of it as the soul searching part of the month.

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Talking about cycles, you could also do this ritual using your menstrual cycle instead of the New Moon. The menstrual cycle and the moon’s cycle correspond with each other whereas the New Moon corresponds with the first day of your cycle (the day your start bleeding).

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

This New Moon Manifestation Ritual is going to take a few nights. Make sure that you can put at least 30 minutes each night before bed towards your ritual. Grab a journal (tablet, phone, or laptop work too) and a cup of tea and cozy up.

Start by setting the mood in the best way that works for you… meditation, deep breathing, full body relaxation, etc. Release the day and bring your energy back to yourself. Turn inward.

If you’re not sure when the New Moon is, you can find it on the monthly astrology calendars I made below.

2 Days Before the New Moon

Meditation and Journal Prompt: Think about what you want your life to look like. What is your ideal life?

Once you have a good solid idea of what you want your life to look like.. write it out. In the most detail that you can. There are some aspects that may seem more specific than others. That’s good. Don’t add any extra “fluff” to bring equality to all parts of your idea.

Once you have this done, close everything up and go to bed. Keep your description of your ideal life in your mind as you fall to sleep.

1 Day Before the New Moon

The next evening, after setting the mood, come back and read over what you previously wrote.

Does anything spark a feeling in your body? Do you long for a certain aspect of what you wrote? Make a note, or tag the idea in some way.

Does anything stand out as being super specific- like you’re not sure why you were so detailed about the dynamite pink with crushed pearl glitter in the paint on the sports car.

Where you were most specific indicate the areas where your wants are the strongest. So what does this color of paint mean to you? It could be as simple as this is a color of paint that you have researched and is EXACTLY the color that you want on your car. Or it could symbolize something for you, something that you deeply want, that you might not be ready to acknowledge for some reason.

A real want has in it the quality of royalty. It indicates the imperiousness of craving or need. Not puny, timid wishing.

Paul Foster Case

Tonight’s exercise is to write out all of the things that you want in a semi- ranked order. Once you have done that, choose the one which is most imperative to you at the moment and head to bed.

The Night of the New Moon

On the night of the New Moon, once you’ve cozied up, reread your most imperative want from the night before. Note any sensations in your body and any immediate reactions. Go with these feelings. If you feel the need to change your mind and go with something else, listen to your intuition (that gut feeling).

Once you’re comfortable with the desire you wish to manifest, write out the steps required to achieve your goal.

From my example above, if I want to make money reading tarot, step one would be to create tarot offerings. Step two to begin marketing my readings.. etc. etc.

When you have all of your steps written out in order. Start at the bottom. Yeah, it’s not something grand and your goal isn’t gong to magically appear in front of you.. but you have to build the foundation and do all the things to manifest what you want.

Take your bottom step and put it in the format of this sentence….

“I will apply all of my power to achieve _________.”

Write this statement on a small piece of paper. Do not show anyone. Do not tell anyone about this. This is for you and you alone.

Read this statement to yourself each morning and each night until you have memorized the statement and then burn the paper.

Continue to repeat the statement morning and night until it becomes reality. Focusing on what we want to manifest really allows us to maximize the power of this New Moon Manifestation Ritual.

When you can check this step off the list, do the same thing with the next step until all steps have been completed and you have manifested what you want.

Once you find yourself checking all those wants off of your list, it’s time to look back and realize how far you have come. You may no longer need this New Moon Manifestation ritual to tap into your power, but know that if you ever loose your connection to the manifesting power within you, this ritual will help you tap back in.

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New Moon Manifestation Ritual
New Moon Manifestation Ritual
New Moon Manifestation Ritual
New Moon Manifestation Ritual
New Moon Manifestation Ritual
New Moon Manifestation Ritual







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