New Moons are a time of introspection and a time to set intentions for the next cycle. When the moon is dark, you can’t see what around you, but you can only see what’s inside you. When you are in sync with the moon’s cycles you are more in tune to her energies and able to use them to create magick!
New moon magick
Take some time with this spread and really get down to the details about what your intentions are and how you are going to make them happen. You can incorporate your favorite types of self care to help you connect with yourself. You could also incorporate an inner child meditation to help you connect with your inner child and set intentions that are connected with your highest self. I like to start my readings with a short meditation to open my third eye so that I am more in tune with my higher self.
New Moon Tarot Spread

Card 1- Intention- This is the intention that you are setting for this moon cycle. 

Card 2- Fears- the fears that you have about the intention. Why you may sabotage.

Card 3- Overcoming Fears- How you can overcome your fears and no sabotage the intention.

Card 4- Realizing your intention- What happens when you fully step into making this intention happen

Card 5-How to bring your intention into reality- #1 thing that you can do to bring your intention into reality

Card 6-Outcome of your intention- How you will feel once the intention is reality. Was it what you wanted, did it peter out?

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New Moon Tarot Spread Pin

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