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Before I can show you how to tell if your a modern day witch with palmistry, I should explain what palmistry is and what I mean by modern day witch for those who may be just starting out.

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Being a modern day witch isn’t casting spells like you see in the movie, The Craft, its a spiritual practice that can be followed just like any religion, like Christianity or Judaism. 

The craft movie about witches as it relates to the idea of witchcraft

If you guys want to know more about the witchcraft religion, called Wicca, tell me in the comments below and I’ll make something just for you.

What is a Modern Day Witch?

With that out of the way, what is a modern day witch? Just like with major religions like Christianity that have different followings within it, witches do too. But unless you wanna watch a 6 hour video, I’m just going to mention a few of the bigger ones.  

healer witch

Healer Witches

First up, we have the Healer Witch.  This would be somebody who is a natural at caregiving. This is someone who likes helping others, taking care of people, and they feel truly fulfilled spending their time this way.

Think about a white witch… Their position was to heal and care for those around them, like medicine men and women would have done. And today we see many of our healthcare providers dressed in white continuing this tradition.

Intuitive Witch

Intuitive Witches

Next up, we have Intuitive Witches. These are people with an uncanny sense of things.  Think about a detective following his gut or that feeling that someone is about to call you and then they do.

For witches who practice this skill, that feeling of maybe turns into an understanding of why.  Mediums and psychics would be considered high level intuitives. 

Occultist Witches

Last but not least, we have the Occultist Witch. This is someone who has a deep interest in the mysteries of the paranormal and the supernatural.

But it goes further than that… it’s not about watching Ghost Adventures, it’s about being a keeper of knowledge, like a librarian or an archivist.

Ever heard of Dr. Strange? He’s basically THE occultist.

So now that we’ve defined what a modern day witch is, let’s get into what palmistry is.  

palm reading

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is the practice of measuring the hand, whether it’s the length of the fingers, the size of the palm or the relationship between them.  It also includes reading the lines on your palm to try to understand what information they can tell you. These lines are what we’re interested in to know if you’re a modern day witch. 

If you look at your hand, you’ll find A LOT of lines, but there are 3 major ones, the head line, the heart line and the life life.  The head line deals with our mental, psychological and intuitive abilities.  The heart line, commonly known as the love line, tells you about your emotional makeup and your relationships with others.  And the life line doesn’t tell you how long you’re  going to live, but it does tell you about the quality of your life.  Remember the head line for later, when we get into the palm readings. 

Sloped vs Straight Head Line

Reading a palm is like inspecting a painting.  You’re looking for specific patterns or shapes that tell you about the art. For example, reading the stutters in a brush stroke can tell you who painted it the same way a palm reader can see that breaks in your life line can indicate strife or struggle. 

Take a look at your hand. The line that is second from the top, that crease in the middle, that’s your head line.  If it’s curved or sloping versus straight, then you’ve got a sign of an intuitive witch.

Congrats on completing your first palm reading!

Palm Signs of Modern Day Witches

Now that you’re a palm reader, let me show you what to look for to find out if you, or someone you know, is a modern day witch. You already know if your head line slopes or curves, you’re more likely to be an intuitive witch.

Intuition Line

Intuition Line

But that’s not the only sign, you also have the intuition line circling what we call the mount of the moon, which can be found on the lower portion of your palm under your pinky.  This, too, is a clear indication of being an intuitive witch. 

Healer Lines or the Samaritan Sign

Healer Lines

Not all lines are as long as the intuition line, we have the healer lines for example, which are small, maybe even faint, vertical lines at the base of your pinky, on the outside of your palm.  With these, more is not always better, depending on how you look at it. 

  • if you have 4-5 of these lines, you capable of powerful healing 
  • if you have 6-7, you were  meant to be a powerful healer 
  • if you have 8 or more, you probably mastered healing in a past life

Health Line

Health Line

Just like the head line and the intuition line tell you about intuitive witches, the healer lines aren’t the only way to tell if your capable of being a great healer.  If you have the health line, you will find that it starts under the pinky and heads diagonally towards the wrist under the thumb, cutting across the plane of mars, or the center of your palm.  

The Psychic Triangle

Psychic Triangle

Not every sign is so straight forward, something like the psychic triangle is a faint, pale triangle at the base of your ring finger. This triangle implies that you have great powers but may have been suppressed or blocked them due to lingering fears from a past life.

The Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon

Remember the occultist, from earlier, the eclectic Dr. Strange character? This sign, called the Ring of Solomon, creates a half moon starting from the outside of your index finger to the start of the middle finger, and it symbolizes a deep interest in the mystic arts

The Mystic Cross

Location potentials for the Mystic Cross

Going further into occultism, you have the mystic cross, which is found within the gap between the headline and the heart line. Having a cross here indicates a natural gift for mysticism and occultism of all kinds. Where it lies within the gap tells its own story. 

Mystic Cross under the index finger, the finger of Jupiter.

A little too far towards your index finger, or Jupiter, the more self-fulling your interest in occultism becomes.

Mystic Cross in the Center of the Palm, under the fingers of Saturn and Apollo

Moving to the middle starts a tale of purpose… it’s no longer about your pride, it’s about your legacy.  You feel compelled to leave something important behind. 

Mystic Cross under the Pinky, or the finger of Mercury

Slide now to the pinky, or mercury, and things become more artistic. You’re more likely to be a creative that gains celebrity status for your work. People seem to just flock to you and the art you create.

As your looking at your hand to find the mystic cross, you might have noticed a lot of other crosses and lines on your palm. Or maybe you noticed that some lines are broken, while others create shapes or intersect with each other. All of these in addition to their location can indicate important information about your personality or destiny.

If you want to see a video with more about palmistry, tell me in the comments below and I’ll make it just for you! Otherwise I hope that you enjoyed this because I had a ton of fun making it. Hit that like and subscribe or follow me on social media to see more content like this!

How to Know if You\'re a Modern-Day Witch with PalmistryHow to Know if You\'re a Modern-Day Witch with Palmistry


    1. I have just about every marking I just want to open back up. My ex would shame my daughters and I for our desire to practice. Said we sounded “crazy” talking about it. And I am back to baby witch status relearning everything I once had and learning new things along the way. Goings are slow at 49!! Ugh!!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    Interestingly, I've had a few regressions lately where I was shown having been killed in 2 past lives for my powers and another one showing me attempted murder for the same reason.

    I'm now waking up to my powers again so really appreciated your knowledge❤❤❤

    1. You are most likely very connected to the other world, whether you acknowledge it or not. With the simian line, you may find it hard to separate logic and emotions, which can make it harder for you to deal with the extra emotions and feelings that you may sense.

  2. I have the mystic cross as well as the triangle. I know I’ve felt blocked before but wasn’t sure. How do I unblock myself?

    1. You need to figure out what it is that is blocking you and work through it. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but clearing blockages is something that is super personal and takes time.

  3. I have the large psychic triangle which is very visible, which also has a pentagram in it. I also have the healer lines. A woman once told me the triangle was a Templar Shield but gave no further info, and I’ve not been able to find anything on it.

  4. I have all of these what does that mean?
    And I’ve also had a lot of unbelievable experiences throughout my life. And whenever I meet an psychic they always say that there’s nothing to worry about my future becoz I have a lot of potential.
    And I know for a fact that I’m an empath as I feel what the person near me is feeling (even what animals are feeling) I’m very sensitive that way.

    1. It means that you could be a witch in this life or in one of your past lives. That is something for you to look into and decide for yourself.

  5. I do have one mystic cross on my right palm. Are you just a witch or do you become a witch by studying and meditation? I have always had lucid dreams. I was very afraid when I first started having lucid dreams, but after I understood what was happening about my brain being awake while my body was still asleep, I learned that I could do athletic tricks and basically anything because there are no repercussions. Then I started thinking the people in my dreams were alien beings and were testing me and my morals and ethics. I know this sounds crazy, then I started thinking, it was FBI-CIA related. I hope this makes sense. I am so confused. Should I talk to a witch or reiki master or psychic?? Or someone else?

  6. I have all but the travelers lines on both hands. I drowned as a child and was dead for almost 3 mins after being in a coma for 2 weeks my Mother was told to pull the plug I was gonna be a vegetable she called my Father to come say goodbye before he arrived I woke up with full brain function and have had a it nexplainable connection to all things spiritual ever since I have even been told that I’m a healer or have the ability to take pain or negativity from others I very much want to explore this and unlock my true potential but I don’t know where to begin…

  7. I have all the markings. I also have birth marks ,markings on my back ,arms legs etc. This is all very interesting to me even after 48 years and a childhood full of ” you wouldn’t believe it unless you was there”.

  8. Yes I have 10 lines on my pinky fingers left and right hands
    I also have a cross symbol on both of my index fingers and a cross sign between my palm

    I m a reiki healer and tarot card reader for 5 years

  9. I’ve known since a young age I was connected to something else. I’ve been a practicing Wiccan for over 30 years. I have never delved into palmistry even though I do have a few books. This was very interesting! People have always commented on how I have so many lines in my hands, which I do seriously have an over abundance of them. I have 99.9% of the marks you listed. I think the only one I didn’t have was the vertical pinky lines.

  10. Find the cross in your hand that gives bad luck. Even if you have square protection for all your fault because you have a divine protection still not working smoothly. You have to do good karma or sacrificefor the the bemefit of others in order for lines to change a cross to triangle. And learn what is your purpose in life. Then you’ll notice many square forming especially when you why are you here and the law of the universe especially the cause and effect that can change your lines. Its like changing your fate.

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