Palm Signs of Witches

How to Know if You’re a Witch with these Palm Signs

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According to Palmistry, your hands tell your life story. Palm signs can give you insight into all sort of different aspect of your life, including our romantic life, our inclinations and things that we are good at. There are also some palm signs on your hands that can tell you if you are a natural witch or if you were a witch in a past life.

When looking at your palm, typically, the dominant hand is the one that is looked at.

Samaritan Lines palm sign of witches


Samaritan Sign or Healer Sign

Four or more vertical lines just under the pinky this palm sign is not only of the healer, but of great magic as well. Witches have the ability to heal due to their connection with the Earth and its energy. The ability to heal can come in different strengths depending on how many lines that you have under your pinky.

  • 4-5 lines indicate a powerful healer
  • 6-7 lines is a sign that you are destined to become a healer
  • 8+ means that you have mastered the art of healing in a past life.

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Clairvoyance Cross + Circle

A cross in the middle of your index finger, is a sign that you have strong clairvoyance abilities or the ability to clearly “see” as a psychic ability.

If you have a small circle on the base of your palm, opposite your thumb, this can also indicate a clairvoyant ability.

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Psychic cross palm sign of witches


Psychic Cross

A cross at the base of your fingers where it intersects with your palm is known as the psychic cross. The cross has a different indication depending on which finger it is below.

  • The index finger is associated with Jupiter and a cross here means that you can take advantage of Jupiter’s good luck. There is wisdom and power inside of you. This may lead you to be a wise and magical teacher.
  • Saturn rules the middle finger and is very strict and rigid. The ability to learn from things that are easy or hard will both be beneficial to you. Meditation and dream magick could be strong interests for you.
  • A cross at the base of the Ring finger is associated with Apollo and the Sun. You have been blessed with the ability to attract and manifest whatever you want in this life. Your powers are enchanting and can really take form in your romantic life.
  • And last, a cross is under the pinky finger is associated with Mercury. Mercury rules over magic. The world of magic is your world and it is where you feel most comfortable.
Mystic Cross palm sign of witches

The Mystic Cross

The mystic cross is a cross in the middle of your palm, between the head line and the heart line. This indicates that you began to recognize and understand you’re natural magical abilities at a young age. You have a very strong sense of intuition which is rarely wrong.

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Intuition Circle

A small circle below the ring and pinky finger which indicates strong intuition. Natural intuitive abilities come easily to you.

Astral travel palm sign of witches

Astral Travel Lines

Lines on the base of your palm, opposite your thumb in addition to or instead of an intuition circle indicate the natural ability to astral travel. Astral travel transcends both time and space by allowing you to journey to the astral plane on a deep and subconscious level.

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Psychic triangle palm sign of witches

The psychic triangle

The psychic triangle can be found at the base of your ring finger. It is often pale and very hard to find. It may take some staring to find. You have great powers, but may have suppressed or blocked them whether you know it or not. This may be something that you do out of fear generated from a past life.

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    The last triangle is deep on my hand. Others arent upright straight crosses but more slanted xs. Healers marks 7x and a cpl others.

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