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The Sun


For a simple question that you are having trouble with.

The Moon


Delve into the depths of your emotions and intuition.
The Star


For those who are looking to connect with their purpose.


What is your Reading Style?

I'm a very down to earth, direct reader. I don't like to dance around the tougher issues. I would rather get right to the point and the heart of the matter.

What Types of Questions Should I Ask?

When asking questions of the tarot, you should aim for open ended questions. Direct, yes/ no questions are not the best questions to ask because every choice that we make can change the outcome of a situation. It's best to ask questions that give you guidance on a path to take. Below are some example questions that would be great in each of the readings above.

Example Questions

Questions for The Sun Reading

Questions for The Moon Reading

Questions for The Star Reading

What if my Question isn't listed?

If you don’t see something similar to what you want to ask, don’t fret. You can ask any question that you have. Sometimes a question may need to be rephrased to have a good reading, which is why I gave the example above.

What if I need my Question Answered Now?

If you have a question that you feel needs to be answered within 24 hours, there is an extra charge for this when you checkout.