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Signs You’re a Witch

Have you ever wondered if there are tell tale signs of being a witch? Witch marks have been used since before the Salem Witch Trials. Some are more personal than others.  Just because you have some of these signs does not mean you are a witch, but it is highly likely that you might be or have been in a past life.
How many of the signs below can you check off?

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Tattoos with deep meanings may symbolize an affection for your past life. A remembrance of the life that you once lived that may come up as a preference for a certain time period or culture.

Underlying love for nature

If you find yourself  being more at home when you are outside than when you are inside, it can be a sign that you are a witch. Witches worship nature. They celebrate the cycles of the seasons and believe that the sun and moon are symbols of deity.


Do you find yourself going out for a nice walk in the woods only to home carrying all of the rocks, leaves, flowers, herbs, bones, etc. that you found and wanted to take home? Are you a collector of crystals? Witches have a tendency to be collectors or specific things, typically earthy items or esoteric items.

Seek out alternative healing methods

Are you drawn to alternative healing methods? Witches descend from wise women and have been termed the European Shamans. If you have a preference for natural healing methods and you find yourself just kind of knowing which herbs to use for troubles, then you may have mastered the art of healing in a past life.

Drawn to anything metaphysical

This may seem silly to say, but if you are attracted to metaphysical things like crystals, tarot, or witchcraft to name a few, you may be subconsciously telling yourself that you’re a witch. It’s almost like something in you is drawn to these things and you can’t really explain it, it just feel natural to hold crystals or a set of Runes.

Astral project naturally

If you find yourself traversing the astral plane on a frequent basis without having to try, you may be a natural at astral projecting. Astral projecting is where your body and are present in this realm, but your consciousness or soul has traveled to another realm, most commonly the spirit realm.


Do you find yourself overwhelmed in crowded places? Do you prefer solitude? Are you sick of watching the nightly news because the pain and suffering of humanity just makes you sick and want to cry? This can be a sign that you are empathic and many witches have this ability. Being empathetic means that you are more sensitive than most to other energies around you.

See or sense spirits

Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eye? Or have you encountered a ghost? Spirits have a tendency to ‘know’ which of us will be able to sense them best. Sometimes I like to think of mediums and psychics as having a bright column of light over them in the spirit world which alerts spirits that you are able to see and communicate with them.

Rebel against the “norms”

If you rebel against the norms, you could just be a typical teenager trying to find your way OR it could be a sign that you are a witch. Witches tend to find their own way based on experience and really don’t like being told what to do. Think about religion, in most religions there are rules of what you should follow and how you should do things.. a lot of ‘thou shalts’. These are great when taken as a guidance on living a good life, but witches tend to want to find their own way instead of someone or something telling them what and how to do it.

Old Soul/ Large penetrating eyes

Witches use meditation and visualization a lot in their practice and this can allow them to practice their gaze unknowingly and see what others don’t. Both of these can require the ability to stare at something for a long time without the item going out of focus. This ability is something that takes time to master and if this is something that you have always ’just been able to do’, it’s a sign that you were a witch in a past life.

Witch marks which were birthmarks or extra nipples

They were said to be where the familiar suckled according to witch hunters. But what they actually tell you is of the witches past life. See what symbols or design that you can create out of your birthmark. It may have been given to you as a sign of initiation or during torture after being accused of being a witch.

Palm Signs

The lines on your palm are said to show you many things about who you are. You have a life line telling you how long you will live and a heart line telling you how healthy you will be. There are also signs that indicate that you may be witch. Check them out here.

If you find yourself having any of these signs, it can mean that you are a witch. Some people have a lot of signs, but never act upon them while others may not have any signs and are a witch. These signs are not inclusive or exclusive of anyone. If you feel that being a witch is for you, then by all means, welcome!

Signs You\'re a WitchSigns You\'re a WitchSigns You\'re a Witch

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