Are Steeped Coffee Bags Better than Tea?

I am a HUGE fan of tea and recently I have begun drinking coffee, but I haven’t found a way to make an afternoon cup while at the office. Instant coffee just isn’t doing it for me and the caffeine content is about the same as a cup of tea.. just a different flavor. This was super disappointing when I found out.

Enter stage right… steeped coffee bags. Steep the coffee in hot water for 5 or more minutes until desired taste is achieved. This sounds like a great alternative to the granulated instant coffee that you typically get. I wasn’t able to find the exact caffeine content of the coffee bags, but I can assume that the longer you steep, the higher the caffeine content.

The coffee bags are made from plant based and compostable materials, which means they’re great for your garden as well. The website states that the coffee bags are sustainable sourced from specific regions to achieve specific flavors.

Sunrise Light Roast
California Medium Roast
Odyssey Dark Roast
Driftwood French Roast
Eventide Decaf- Swiss
Water Process
Winery, cocoa, lemon-lime
Sweet, chocolatey, coconut
S-mores, caramel, dark chocolate
Fudge, molasses, dark chocolate
Blackberry, molasses, graham cracker
Huila, Colombia
Cauca, Colombia
Cauca, Colombia
Cauca, Colombia
Sidamo, Ethiopia
Wet- Process
Wet- Process
Water- Process
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These coffee bags would be great if you like to travel or you are in the office and don’t want to make a full pot of coffee. All you need is a microwave.

Sustainable coffee ideas when you need a quick caffeine fix

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