strength pattern- inspired leadership

Inspired Leadership Tarot Birth Card Pattern

Here is my personal interpretation of the Tarot Birth Card Theme of Strength and how it relates to Inspired Leadership. If you have come across this page and you haven’t learned what your tarot birth cards are and how it relates to this pattern, head over to the main post on In Depth Tarot Birth Cards.

Tarot Card Pattern: Strength

Theme: Inspired Leadership

strength tarot card

Key 8: Strength: calm and composed, resolve, soft control

the star tarot card

Key 17: The Star: faith, inspiration, harmony, generosity, tranquility

How the Pattern is Found

The tarot keys that are included in the Pattern of Strength. Each of these cards can be broken down to a single prime number of 8, which relates it back to Strength.

 The Star: Key 17

17= 1+7=8


Previously you have learned how to master your emotions when things are rough (internal mastery). Now you are ready to learn how to master the external world around you. But this mastery cannot be forced. You don’t have the same control over the external environment that you did over your internal environment. You must proceed with caution. This is where the phrase about attracting more bees with honey than vinegar came in (correct me if my phrase is wrong, but you get the idea). You don’t come in and slam your first down and say “I am in control now”. No, you gain trust and show that you are worth the leadership role. In the Strength tarot card, the women is opening or closing the lions jaw, symbolizing that the lion has submitted to her will. He does not fight her, he accepts her leadership.

To gain this control over your external environment, you need to tap into the energy of The Star. The Star brings faith, harmony and a generous heart that you share with others. Leadership isn’t about you, it’s about the people you lead. In order to be a good leader, you must listen to the people you lead. Listening is something you are good at.

You are a generous caring soul, someone who everyone turns to for help. There is nothing that you won’t help with, whether you’ve been asked or not. In fact, you see the good in all things and wish to bring it out in people. You want to show people how this world can be a better place, if they only open their arms and their hearts to one another. Because of this, people want to follow you, they want to be around you. This makes you a good leader.





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