Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Upright Keywords: compassion, force, fortitude, security, strength, courage, persuasion, influence, self-awareness, self-mastery, confidence, determination, skill, restraint

Reversed Keywords: brute, carnal, physical, obdurate, inner strength, self-doubt, low energy, raw emotion

The Strength card is full of yellows and oranges, the colors of happiness. A woman looks to be trying to close the mouth of a lion. She wears a white robe, for innocence. An infinity symbol is above her head. The lion represents the more primal parts of ourselves. Those base instincts that we have. The lion seems to be tame, yet fighting her to close his mouth.

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength is about your inner strength. The Chariot is about your willpower towards external things, but this card represents your inner strength and knowing that you can overcome anything that the Universe throws at you. You’ve got this!

Look to control you emotions, especially when confronting others. Make sure that you are not coming off too hot headed. Stay calm and level headed and you will be able to leave the situation in a better state of mind. use love, forgiveness and compassion in all things.

You will be able to conquer anything that you set your mind to when you realize that everything that you need comes from inside of you.

Strength Reversed Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Strength Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You may be feeling depleted of strength right now, but know that this is only temporary. Don’t let your self-doubt deter your from your course. Take some time to recoup and you will find that your strength will return. Think back on past experiences and how you have overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. This is your strength. it’s inside of you always, you just need to reconnect with it.

On the other hand, if you are not feeling depleted, you may be feeling and overwhelm of “red” emotions. Anger, hatred, revenge.. etc. you need to learn to channel these emotions into something constructive and not lash out in aggression.


Astrological: Leo
Gemstones: Bloodstone, Cinnabar, Hematite

Strength Tarot Card Meaning







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