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What type of mystic are you?

What Type of Mystic Are You?

What type of mystic are you? Would you call yourself a mystic? Are you a witch? Or a shaman? or a Starseed? I have listed many of the signs of all of these and have combined them for you here.

Signs your a witch

Signs You’re a Witch

In history, witches ahve been identified by marks on their body. As witches are becoming more culturally accepted, there are other signs too.

spell and the law of attraction

Is Law of Attraction a Spell?

First off, this post was really hard to find a title for. I couldn’t figure out how to get my message across without it sounding like I was hating on magick or calling it a falsehood- which I am not. For reference, I would consider myself a studying witch. I have not devoted my year …