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How to Use Unicorns in Your Magic

There are unicorns everywhere now a days. Unicorn poop (cotton candy), unicorn glitter, unicorn superfoods.. you name it, someone has made a unicorn version. History of Unicorns Unicorns have been sought after for centuries for their mystical powers. Throughout different cultures, the Unicorn was called different names and given different magical powers. Unicorns may be …

office altar

How to Create a Witchy Altar in Your Office

For those of us who work in an office environment, decorating our spaces in a witchy fashion can be hard without drawing too much attention, except of course, when it’s Halloween. But those decorations have to come down at some point….Right? Here are some ideas to bring the elements into your office space. This can …

spell and the law of attraction

Is Law of Attraction a Spell?

First off, this post was really hard to find a title for. I couldn’t figure out how to get my message across without it sounding like I was hating on magick or calling it a falsehood- which I am not. For reference, I would consider myself a studying witch. I have not devoted my year …