The tarot has long been known as a tool for spiritual guidance and to help you along your path of spiritual awakening. The E-book below will show you how to learn tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance without having to memorize the meanings of the cards in the books. But first, a little back story…

The Qabalah is a Jewish text that has been an influence in tarot since the early 1900’s when a connection was made between the Qabalistic Tree of Life and the Major Arcana cards.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which Waite and Crowley were both members, was one of the earliest occult orders to create tarot decks using this system to influence the tarot.

The Qabalistic Tree of Life has also been linked to the 7 chakras, showing the path to enlightenment. Each circle of the Tree of Life represents an aspect of spiritual awakening.

When you add the Major Arcana to the Tree of Life, each card represents a path between the circles. When you can understand the cards in this way, you are able to use the tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance, in contrast to using it for everyday guidance.

Qabalstic Tree of Life
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When you take the guidance of the Tree of Life an apply it to the tarot cards, you learn that the tarot can be seen as more than just meanings that were created. There are so many more connections.

Instead of learning the meanings from memorizing the book that comes with the deck, you can combine the meanings of the number and the suit. When you learn tarot this way, it opens up your intuition. You are able to see more about the card than the picture. And you could even read with the Marseille tarot. (The Marseille tarot has not scenic pictures on the minor arcana – gasp!)

Combine the tarot number and the suit meanings to get the card meanings.
How to Learn Tarot without Memorizing the BooksHow to Learn Tarot without Memorizing the Books

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