I want to keep this as a running list of the tarot decks that I want to purchase so that when I am scrolling through Amazon, I can remember why I chose each deck. So remember to keep checking back to find more decks added to the list as well as reviews for the decks that I pick up.
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I love nature decks and this is one of the first ones that focuses more on Druidry. I only have ever heard good things about this deck and I’m ancy to give it a try. This reminds me of the Wildwood Tarot and the Druid Animal Oracle.
I’m crushing on this one because I am feeling more and more of a pull to connect to nature and Green Witchcraft is something that I have an interest in, yet haven’t fully explored past a few plants throughout the house. I also like that this deck is said to help connect you to the Old Religion, which is something else that really interests me.
I love the design on the back of this deck and after looking at so many of the images, I have to say that this is a deck that has my heart. My favorite color is purple with pink and blue being close seconds.. and this deck definitely delivers on the purple. It does stick to the RWS symbolism and structure, but that could be good thing as I never really connected with that RWS deck.
I have always been interested in the Wild Unknown decks since seeing them appear on Instagram. I feel that this is a deck where memorizing the meanings would be very pertinent as the images don’t give a ton of detail and symbols to really spark your intuition. But at the same time, I think it would be awesome to have such a deeper understanding of the symbolism of the animals that are pictured in the deck.
This deck has 2 versions that I would like to grab, the original Wild Unknown deck and the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.  I have seen mixed reviews on the Archetypes Deck that they also have, but I prefer my decks square instead of circular or odd shaped.. but that’s just me.
I think this is a good deck because I want to begin working ancestors more in my meditations. I think that this deck would help me get started down the road and introduce me to a bunch of different ancestors to connect with and “test” out their energy to see if it’s right for me at this time.
Learning to love myself and accept myself for who I am is a long hard road, but I am committed. I like this deck because it helps you connect to the powerful feminine energy that’s inside you by connecting you with powerful female energies from the past and present. This goes along with the post that I wrote about Syncing your Cycle with the Moon and how when you Sync your Flow, you are more in tune with your body and nurturing it instead of forcing it’s compliance.
I absolutely love the artwork by Danielle Noel and this is another one of her pieces of art. The author of the deck is Rebecca Campbell and she has created a way to create portals to our inner self through these oracle cards. I have the trial app on my phone for this deck and love it. I can’t wait to add it to my collection.
So this deck draws my attentions because of the humor of it. I like that the presentation isn’t all ethereal, but its super down to earth and a kick in ass, like I need some days. It’s the no bullshit way to read an oracle that is fun, yet makes you think. Also, it has unicorns.. how could this not be on the list?!?!?!
The Rebel Deck has 2 other editions, one for couples and then an Oracle Game. I would be very interested to get my grubby little hands on the game. It’s advertised like a Cards Against Humanity type of game where you have to fill in the blanks with the cards in your hands… now to find someone to play with..

Don’t forget to check back to see what other decks get added to the list and leave me a comment with decks that you recommend I pick up too!

Tarot Decks I\'m Crushing OnTarot Decks I\'m Crushing On

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