Tarot Reading for the Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

This month’s full moon is full of that comfy, cozy energy. Taurus loves to be comfortable in a situation that they know..like curling up on the couch with their favorite blanket to Netflix + Chill. But being ruled by Venus, they also enjoy the finer things in life. So their home may be a bit extravagant, but with all the creature comforts.

The Full Moon is all about high energy and to be grateful for what you have accomplished and release the energies that have shown up as no longer serving you. Full Moons are when the moon is full illuminated by the sun and nothing is hidden.

So what do this mean for the Taurus Full Moon?

The Taurus full moon is going to show you all of the things that you have that make you feel secure. I’m not saying that being a little materialistic is a bad thing. Knowing that you have some creature comforts and being able acknowledging and be grateful for them is where this full moon is taking us.

But then we have this lunar eclipse….

The lunar eclipse will prevent the moon from being full illuminated because the moon will be in the shadow of the Earth. The eclipses are tied to our lunar nodes (pull out your natal chart and see what yours is) which help guide us to our karmic path.

With the lunar eclipse appearing this year on a Taurus moon, we are going to feel the need to uproot and purge things in our home. Maybe this means a new home, or just some cleaning before the winter comes. But changes are coming in your home with this full moon.

So I realize that I’ve kinda left out that this moon is happening in Scorpio season. The same thing happened last year and you can check out the tarot reading video here.

scorpio season

When we add Scorpio energy to this already heightened energy around our home, we may feel the need to break deep ties that we have to the things in our house. Scorpio energy is deep and emotional but they can also enjoy control (power) and intimacy. This could bring about the end of a partnership, when someone moves out in the breakup or maybe it’s just getting rid of old memories that you have been holding onto.. just in case.

Whatever it is that you are releasing with this full moon, it’s going to be heavy, emotional and hopefully set you on your karmic path, or closer to it.

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse at the lunar eclipse, take a chilly step outside at 4:04am EST.

Taurus Full Moon + Lunar eclipse Tarot reading

The question to ask the tarot cards this full moon is: What Do I Need to Know to get Closer to my Karmic Path?

If you are looking to do your own tarot reading for the full moon, check out the full moon tarot spread that I made here.

Aries: Four of Swords Rx

four of swords tarot card

You are finding yourself being too lazy. Instead of taking a break, you find yourself unmotivated and lounging around, focused on the wrong things. You might even feel a bit of depression coming on due to lack of enjoyable things. Get out and have fun. Allow yourself to have fun and be happy for a while.

Taurus: The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The Hierophant corresponds to Taurus and on this Taurus full moon, all the earthy energies seem to be lining up for you. There may be someone coming into your life who will be guiding you towards your karmic path. This person will have knowledge from those who came before you and those around you. Trust and listen to their guidance, but don’t ignore your own intuition.

Gemini: Judgement Rx

Judgement Reverse

Even though there are a lot of big energies happening right now, you find yourself holding back. You aren’t quite sure that it’s time to open up yet. There is still some fear that you haven’t done enough work, some self doubt. Now is the time to banish that self doubt and move into your karmic path. It might not feel right at first, but give it time.

Cancer: 10 of Cups

10 of cups tarot card

All of your hard work is paying off around the home. You have built quite a life for yourself and it’s time to realize that you might be too attached to unimportant things that are keeping you from feeling gratitude and happiness for your situation.

Leo: 8 of Pentacles Rx

You’re working yourself to the bone to try to get where you want to go but you might be getting in your own way. You may be trying too hard to force something to work when you know deep down, that it’s not meant to be. Come to terms with this and release your attachment to the outcome.

Virgo: Temperance Rx

temperance reversed

Your karmic path is going to be filled with emotions. The need to find balance and a way to handle their onslaught should be started early so that you don’t get overwhelmed. where are your emotions feeling off kilter lately?

Libra: 3 of Cups Rx

It’s time to take a look at your social situation. Do you find yourself no longer vibing with people that you used to? Have you outgrown them or vice versa? It may be time to stop going with the flow for the sake of old times and start creating new friendships with those who are aligned with your path.

Scorpio: The Fool

the fool

It’s time to step out into the world and take a risk. Shits been really heavy lately emotionally and you’ve been having to build your self back up from the ground. But this is just the beginning for you. This is the beginning of your path and you are being asked to keep moving forward instead of running back towards safety.

Sagittarius: The High Priestess Rx

The High Priestess Reverse

There may be something that you feel on the verge of grasping, but it’s just out of reach. The knowledge that you are looking for isn’t available to you at this time and it may be that you aren’t ready to receive this information yet. Continue on your path and new roads will open for you when the time is right.

Capricorn: The World Rx

the world

Your so close to having everything the way that you want it but there are still some final pieces that need to be put in place before you can call it completed. You might be feeling stuck between your growing emotions and your need to feel secure.

Aquarius: 5 of Pentacles

5 of pentacles tarot card

Your feeling down and out and your not sure where to turn for help. You say that you want help, but your actions don’t say the same thing. Your avoiding the places that could help you because you may feel like you deserve the situation that you are in. But you don’t. Try asking the next person that you see for help with something, even trivial, like opening a soda to get you in the habit of asking for help when you need it.

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles Rx

Knight of pentacles

You’re feeling unmotivated and stuck. There isn’t really a plan right now, so you’re not actively working towards anything.. you’re just.. there. It’s not that you’re not happy, you’re just not going anywhere. Maybe you have completed your last goal or project and are taking abreak before the next one, or maybe your waiting for the next project to show up in front of you. Either way, you’re going to need to get moving, even on a small project otherwise you risk being stuck.

Tarot Reading for the Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

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