The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Upright Keywords: fertility, creativity, maternity, femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, abundance, expression, pleasure, Goddess, Divine Feminine

Reversed Keywords: barren, omission, creative block, dependence on others, giving from an empty cup

The Empress sits in a field of wheat, on a comfortable chair. Behind her, a forest grows. Beside her chair there is a shield with the symbol of Venus. She is the Divine Mother, or Mother Nature. The wheat symbolizes fertility and abundance. The forest symbolizes the connection to the earth.

She wears a crown with 12 stars for the 12 astrological signs. Her necklace has 7 links, for the 7 classical planets. She is sitting comfortably, meaning she is comfortable with herself and her position in life. There is a waterfall in the background, which provides water for the forest and the field, but also connects her with her intuition.

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress connects you with your inner Divine Feminine energy. Find ways that allow you to feel super girly and use these to connect with your inner Divine Feminine.

She speaks of abundance, having everything that you need to live comfortably. Everything that you have dreamed of, has come true, but you are still growing. Take time to acknowledge and be grateful for how far you have come.

The Empress is Mother Nature and urges you to get outside and connect with nature and absorb the benefits of being outside.  Breathe in the energy of nature and bask in the sun.

When you are in the energy of the Empress, you are embracing your motherly qualities. This may be for your own children, or for friends. You want to nurture and care for others from a place of love and compassion.

This could also be a sign that it’s time to step into the mother role in a literal sense. You may be expecting, or are being told that it’s the right time, even if things don’t really feel like it.

In a metaphorical sense, this could be the birth of a new project or idea. You creative juices are flowing now and it’s time to use them to manifest what you want.

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

The Empress Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Make self love and self care a priority now. It’s time to bring those energies you are spending on others back to yourself.

You may be feeling a deeper connection with nature and wanting to spend more time outside. use this energy that the earth is giving you to add to your self care routine.

In opposition to the upright meaning, you may be feeling a creative block right now and you may be fearful about what others may think about your ideas or creations. If this worries you, keep them to yourself for now, just don’t stop the flow of creativity when it comes.

You may be taking your motherly energies too far. You may be trying to mother people who don’t want it, or you may be trying to give from an empty cup.

Where the upright Empress speaks of loving yourself for how you are, the reversed may show up as being unhappy with yourself and your looks. You may be being too critical of your looks and comparing yourself to others.


Astrological: Venus
Gemstones: Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Turquoise

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning







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