The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Upright Keywords: beginnings, innocence clear conscience, spontaneity, a free spirit, movement, freedom, experience, journey, hopes and dreams, inner child

Reversed Keywords: vanity, foolishness, indiscretion, inanity, holding back, recklessness, risk-taking

The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff looking upwards. Does he know he’s about to walk off a cliff? his dog in the background seems happy or is trying to alert him to danger. He holds a wand with a sack on the back, which has been said to hold all four elements in it. This is everything he needs for his journey. He holds a white rose in the other hand, the symbol of innocence. There are mountains in the background, representing challenges, but he is above those. This indicates that the challenges he faces have been overcome. The sun in the card symbolizes a happy time along with the yellow background.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool is a symbol for new beginnings and adventures, pleasure, passion, thoughtless and rash. Like the Fool, you may stand upon the precipice gazing out into the unknown; and there is either an oblivious foolishness to the terrible plunge you may experience, or else a wild spirit of adventure and great faith and knowledge in that which can and will bear you up and guide through the times to come. There are unlimited possibilities opening up for you. It’s never too late to begin anew and follow your heart’s desire.

It’s time to take the leap of faith and start anew. Get started on what you have been dreaming about. Now is the time to start your journey without looking back.

Anything can happen and there is heaps of potential in you. Relax, play, have fun, let your inner child out and enjoy the ride that we call life.

The Fool is daring and carefree- the embodiment of who you really are inside before society and culture raised you. Trust the Universe and take that first step.

The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

It may not be time to take that leap. There may be other things that you need to consider before you go ahead with your plans. There is a foolishness about this decision. Look around you and make a smart decision. Don’t just leap and hope.

You may fear the unknown and thus be at a standstill and not taking action. Know the the Universe has your back and take that first step. The first step is always the hardest, but once you get some momentum, nothing will be able to stop you.

On the other hand, you could be taking too many risks without regard for the consequences. These activities could put you and other’s at risk.


Astrological: Uranus, Earth
Gemstones: Azurite, Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Moldavite

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning




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