The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

Upright Keywords: passion, big choice, love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, balance, marriage, proposals, sexuality, friendship

Reversed Keywords: temptation, interference, discord, moral quandary,  self-love, disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values

An angel in the clouds sits above a man and a woman possibly in the Garden of Eden. The woman is paying attention to the angel, but the man doesn’t seem to notice him. There is a mountain in the background and two trees in the foreground. One with fire buds behind the man and the other with fruit and a snake behind the woman. Is she only able to see the angel because she ate the fruit?

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers speak about finding a relationship either romantic or not that really vibes with you. This goes beyond lust. You’re looking to connect on a deeper level, like a soul mate, or soul partner. Love, respect and compassion will flow in this relationship.

You’re willing to be vulnerable in this relationship with the other person and know that you are safe and loved for who are you and won’t be judged. This open communication between the two of you will go a long way to strengthening the relationship, but this communication needs to be two sided.

You may need to get clear about your values and beliefs and figuring out what it is that you truly believe in. This may sound simply, like “oh, I believe in this, because this is what I was taught”, but this card is asking you to go deeper and really figure out if this is what YOU believe and why this is what you believe. You may find out that the beliefs that you thought were yours, are not actually what you believe, just what you thought you were expected to believe.

It’s also about choices, big choices. You may be being asked about your beliefs and what you stand for. The apple held by the snake in the card represent the primordial choice in Adam and Eve, so don’t make this choice lightly because it will affect your entire life.  You may be being called to take a higher path and follow your intuition to become your Highest Self at this time.  But don’t feel guilty about making this choice. You need to be sure that you are making this choice from a place of love- for yourself.

The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Think about how your views on love and how they’ve been satisfied in your life? Are things lining up with what you thought? Are your dreams and thoughts about love realistic? Have you been doing your part in the relationships that you have or have they been one-sided?

Relationships may not be in sync at this time and you may be struggling with communication and arguing a lot with people. When this happens, think about why this person is in your life. Do you love them no matter what? Or have they taught you what you needed and it’s time to move on? I know this sounds hard, but when relationships begin to deteriorate, you need to think about why you have that relationship in the first place, what was the basis?

It  may be time to figure out how to repair it, or time to move on and remove the now toxic relationship from your life. This could be with a lover or a friend or business partner.

This card also tells you that you need to take some time and focus on self-love. Take some time to really show up for some self care.

You may also be facing a choice, a choice where you want to take the easy way out. Don’t. That will lead you down the wrong direction. Choose the path that aligns with your Highest self, no matter how rough it may look.


Astrological: Gemini, Mercury, Venus
Gemstones: Green Kyanite, Larimar, Rose Quartz

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning




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