what are you psychic abilities?

How to Get in Touch with Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are something that is within every one of us since birth. When we are born, we have not been influenced by the social and cultural preconceptions that people have. At this age, we all have the greatest connection to Source or Spirit.

As we grow older, we learn that these abilities are frowned upon. How often have you heard a comment about a child being “too old” for imaginary friends. These friends may not be figments of the child’s imagination, but something they are able to see that as we grow older, we stop paying attention to. These “friends” could be fairies, or other Earth Spirits. 

When you begin your spiritual path, you begin to want to connect back to those abilities and with the Source of all things. In order to connect with Source effectively, our abilities need to be developed.

What are Psychic Abilities?

There are four main types of psychic abilities that people have. You can be stronger in one than the others, but most people have a little bit of a few if not all of them. You can work to develop these abilities over time, but sometimes people may just be born with a stronger gift.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not strong in one of the abilities. Like all things, if you are willing to put some time to develop a skill, you can improve it. To develop a strong ability, you need to focus on it and really get in touch with it. 

Types of Psychic Abilities

Below are the four main types of psychic abilities. Read through the list of common signs for each one and determine which list you find yourself resonating with the most. If a few of the signs really resonate with you in a list, check out the Related Post where you can find a bit more information and more signs for each ability.

Clairvoyant (clear seeing) –

  • Have vivid dreams
  • May see auras (glowing light around people)
  • Can visualize and daydream easily
  • Have a vivid imagination
  • Appreciate visual beauty
  • Had imaginary friends as a child
  • See flashes of light, colors, symbols, or images out of the corner of your eye or when you close your eyes
  • Speak fluently in metaphors
  • Use the phrase “I see..” a lot

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Clairaudience (clear hearing) –

  • You prefer to listen than to talk
  • Often talk to animals and plants
  • Felt like you’ve received telepathic information from someone
  • When you give really good advice you wonder to yourself, “Where did that come from?”
  • Hear ringing or buzzing in your ears
  • Crave quiet
  • Are creative/ have a lot of good ideas
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE music -playing or listening
  • Hear people say your name when no one is around
  • use the phrase “I hear..” a lot

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Clairsentience (clear feeling) –

  • Highly sensitive person/ pick up on people’s ‘vibes’
  • Experience psychical or emotional  trouble with large crowds
  • Emotions change depending on your surroundings (people and places)
  • “Feel” the presence of spirits, or where they might be
  • Feel other peoples pain. Sometimes you take on that pain in your own body
  • Use the words “I feel.. ” a lot
  • Smell and taste hints of the spirit world
  • Not able to borrow others things or shop at consignment stores
  • Get drained quickly around others

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Claircognizance (clear knowing) –

  • Receive answers to your questions from out of nowhere
  • Get really creative, inspirational and beneficial ideas out of no where
  • Tend to have a busy mind. Always thinking and jumping from idea to idea
  • Truth detector- can usually tell is someone is lying
  • Use the word “I know..” a lot
  • Awaken at night with answers to questions

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How To Connect with Your Psychic Abilities

Each of the four abilities are a bit different, but you can work to connect with all of your abilities through meditation and opening your third eye.

When you open your third eye, you are using multiple abilities. You feel the energy coming into your body (clairsentience), you visualize the energy (clairvoyance) and sometimes, if you can quiet your mind you can tap into claircognizance. You can check out my post here on more ways to open your third eye.

Now each of these abilities can be strengthened on their own, but if you are not paying attention to them, you’re not going to know what they feel like. When you meditate, you calm the hustle and bustle in your brain and just be. This allows you to really notice what each ability feels like. The more that you practice, the more likely you will be to notice those same feelings when you are not meditating.


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Tell me which ability is strongest for you in the comments below!

How to Get in Touch with Your Psychic Abilities






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  1. AnnaLee Reasons Avatar
    AnnaLee Reasons

    Everyone of them, even touching objects or talking/understanding babies plants and animals. But I can’t seem to remember my dreams. But I can also sense the weather and I know that I am a manifester. I have been channeling, writing, learning faster, and can make something out of nothing, like dinner or quick fixes for anything. Decorative and very empathetic, almost prophetic at times. I am learning astrology and astronomy and reading tarot, candles/incents, crystal, moon and solar energy. But, I feel like I am a Jack of all trades and master of none LoL. But, I’m best as a mother/grandmother and I understand those who are younger than me. I’m great with pets and attract these hawks or crows cuz I pray for protection. I have always been able to see things not of this plane or world. I also practice mediation and learning to ground connect and discernment, which I also prayed for. I also read Daily bible devotionals, listen to worship music/sing, and read my Bible. I have always been protected by someone when I should have died since I was very young. Bout 5. I can also see or communicate demons hiding inside my own family, friends and strangers that I can rebuke and send away. I I also have a Healing touch and sexual healing Kundalini and I Kno that my children and grandchildren are powerful as well but they call me crazy 😧 but I need to know what powers I have and how to access them when needed. Thank you and I appreciate you and your willingness to help us learn.

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