What are Your Psychic Gifts?

There are four main types of psychic abilities that people have. you can be stronger in one than the others, but most people have a little bit of a few if not all of them. you can work to develop these traits over time, but sometimes people may just be born with a stronger gift.

Don’t let that discourage you. you can develop a strong gift yourself, you just need to focus on it and really get in touch with it. Below I have listed out the four main types and some quiz’s that you can take to help you figure out which gift is your strongest.

Clairvoyant (clear seeing)-

  • Have vivid dreams
  • May see auras (glowing light around people)
  • Can visualize and daydream easily
  • Have a vivid imagination
  • Appreciate visual beauty
  • Had imaginary friends as a child
  • See flashes of light, colors, symbols, or images out of the corner of your eye or when you close your eyes
  • Speak fluently in metaphors
  • Use the phrase “I see..” a lot

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Clairaurdience (clear hearing)-

  • You prefer to listen than to talk
  • Often talk to animals and plants
  • Felt like you’ve received telepathic information from someone
  • When you give really good advice you wonder to yourself, “Where did that come from?”
  • Hear ringing or buzzing in your ears
  • Crave quiet
  • Are creative/ have a lot of good ideas
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE music -playing or listening
  • Hear people say your name when no one is around
  • use the phrase “I hear..” a lot

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Clairsentience (clear feeling)-

  • highly sensitive person/ pick up on people’s ‘vibes’
  • experience psychical or emotional  trouble with large crowds
  • emotions change depending on your surroundings (people and places)
  • “feel” the presence of spirits, or where they might be
  • Feel other peoples pain. Sometimes you take on that pain in your own body
  • Use the words “I feel.. ” a lot
  • Smell and taste hints of the spirit world
  • not able to borrow others things or shop at consignment stores
  • get drained quickly around others

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Claircognizance (clear knowing)-

  • receive answers to your questions from out of nowhere
  • get really creative, inspirational and beneficial ideas out of no where
  • tend to have a busy mind. Always thinking and jumping from idea to idea
  • truth detector- can usually tell is someone is lying
  • Use the word “I know..” a lot
  • awaken at night with answers to questions

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