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How to Read a Shadow Card in a Tarot Reading

Tarot can be used for more than just fortune-telling type readings. It can also be used for psychic and personal development. It can be used to better yourself and learn things about yourself that you don’t know or that you need to work on.

The tarot is 78 cards that describe the processes and emotions of the subconscious. They can show us what we are really feeling deep down inside that we may not be aware of. They are a portal into our subconscious mind that we can tap into. You shadow self is the self that you may not be aware of, the self that you hide from the world because it may not line up with what society (or you) expect.

It’s called shadow work because you are working on your shadow self, the part of yourself that you are not consciously aware of.

This shadow self is hidden from you a lot of the time and a part of ourselves which we want to hide from the world. But we need to embrace this shadow self because this shadow self is also part of us. If we want to fully show up to the world, we need to embrace all aspects of ourselves.

What is a Shadow Card?

A shadow card is a the card at the bottom of the deck when you do a reading. After you lay out your cards, you pick up the remainder of the deck and put the bottom card on the top of the deck face up. This is your shadow card. The aspects of the situation that you may not be aware of. This could also be seen as the part of you or the situation that you deny and can only see this in other people.

Why use a Shadow Card?

Not everyone uses a shadow card or uses one in every reading. But sometimes they’re helpful, even more helpful than a clarification card. The choice is your whether or not you see using one as being pertinent to the situation.

For example, if I ask a specific question, I may find it useful to use a shadow card. But for a general reading, unless something comes up that is really confusing, I probably won’t use a shadow card.

Give using a shadow card a try in some of your readings and leave me a comment on what you think about it.






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