What type of mystic are you?

What Type of Mystic Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you have a mystic ability? Or have any type of ‘powers’? Maybe you feel that you have a good connection with the Earth or the night sky. Maybe it’s just a gut feeling that you have, but you know there is something more to you that the average person.

Over the life of this blog, I have written a few posts that may be able to help you figure out if there is something more to you. Although no one can tell you for sure, there are commonalities between certain types of mystics.

But first I do want to make something clear.. In trying to write this post I had a very hard time trying to figure out what word covers all of the possibilities, without excluding anyone or focusing too much on others. Two words that I came up with were:

  1. Metaphysicians
  2. Mystics

Those sound fancy and all.. but what do they actually mean?? According to Wikipedia…

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality. The word “metaphysics” comes from two Greek words that, together, literally mean “after or behind or among [the study of] the natural”.

mystic is a person who practices mysticism, or a reference to a mystery, mystic craft, first hand-experience or the occult. Mysticism is the practice of religious ecstasies (religious experiences during alternate states of consciousness), together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rites, myths, legends, and magic may be related to them. It may also refer to the attainment of insight in ultimate or hidden truths, and to human transformation supported by various practices and experiences.

To me, and for the purpose of this blog, I believe that the term mystic is more fitting. But in that I feel that Mystic can also encompass metaphysical.

Now onto the goodies…


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Living in Flow with the Moon

If you’ve ever looked up and wondered whether or not you are connected to the moon, or felt calmed by her glow, you may be feeling the call the get in flow with the cycles of the moon. The moon is the fastest moving luminary in our skies. As the moon moves through here cycles of the month and the zodiac, her energy changes, and so does ours.

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Take a read through these posts and see if there are any signs that stick that may help you figure out what you purpose here on Earth is. Or at least tell you a little more about yourself..

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What Type of Mystic Are You?





One response to “What Type of Mystic Are You?”

  1. Julie Kritz Avatar
    Julie Kritz

    I dunno what I am. I saw myself with different faces in my dream. I got 2 overlapping triangle above my heart line which means a punishment from someone most powerful. medical stigmata, mystic x, I got mark like circle with cross on my thumb, the rest hard to distinguish. I cannot say. I can do healing without knowing I have the mark… its just this year i found because of nothing to do because of covid lockdown.
    My family knew I’m different. I can sense spirit, ghost. I can talk to the sprit thru the mind. I’m not sure but there’s a big triangle difficult to see which reaching venus mount. In the middle of palm there’s like maybe 4 different big triangle almost same size as the triangle forming from headline to lifeline and the middle of that there’s one, and side there’s one. I bet 3digit lotto. I won now and’s sometimes, I can predict what’s coming out through talking, I would combination but by the time I’m making it, I forget. And I know I don’t before the result because, i get an itch on top of nose, like a feather touch crawling. And then my husband cheated on me, there’s a tall guy in my dream told me to follow because he knows where my husband. I saw him in a tiny with a woman. So when I confronted my husband he was shocked. How did I know? all his for affairs did not last long because I felt, and the branching from my palm is telling me he’s cheating. He’s always stunned and finally gave up but I saw his destiny. He’s gonna suffer before he dies because marriage is sacred to the universe *metaphysics. When a line venus mount. will go down and goes up to the heart line to mercury mount and meet with the marriage line and bend to the heart line, meaning your spouse is going to die ahead of you if you see it on your palm. When I was in high school, I almost drown because there’s someone on top of me doesn’t know how to swim. I knew I gave like my chest is to burst, is getting painful. I can see the light above and the bubbles then I felt someone pushed me up.
    Lately, before I knew my husband’s last affair. I dream of like 9 yrs old girl playing on the side street and a man walking. It shocked me when the girl faced me in my dream, and looked into her eyes, I realized it’s me. And then the girl look at the guy tall with an over used white polo and carrying a sack on his back and sunburned skin. He looked at the girl with no expression then he kept walking. The girl looked back and saw his thinning
    hair. I woke suddenly, and my heartbeat is raising. I realized that guy is my husband in the future. And I know that each of us has purpose/mission to accomplish before we die. He was brought to me across the ocean to meet each other and get connected.
    And to guide him thru the direction that’s why I felt when he’s cheating or whatever. If I cannot help him, He will be back to the next life a beggar and try to correct his mistake. IF I succeeded my purpose and saved from misbehavior, then we will be back together in a better life. Our past life we were together but committed something that’s why even if we’re both smart, there’s something in our palm that has limit.
    One healer told sometime in 2004 that I died in water? Fire? And asked how did you know? It’s there on your palm. That’s amazed me because I’m scared to swim deeply even in the swimming. Oh, I have many experiences. Sorry, this is pretty long. I believe in metaphysics and palmistry.
    I believe we came from one image but unique experiences. And all our actions are written in our palm. I knew my husband has judgement already but we are the one creating our destiny that’s been in our palm as our living diary. All our mistakes can be changed, those cross that gives bad luck can be changed through serving people, It’s our chance of changing our destiny. Thats why I’m willing to forget what he did and help him change his destiny line.Our palm changed rapidly once we’re at the door of learning the truth and what our purpose here. You can’t stay here without purpose. Serve the people and be good. You’ll be rewarded.

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